River Cruises on the Rhine River

Rhine River

Enjoy the beauty and culture of Europe on a Rhine River cruise. The Rhine flows from the Alps in Switzerland to the North Sea in the Netherlands, and in between you get a wonderful taste of life and history in Western Europe. All throughout these towns and cities you are welcome to join a guided tour that brings the past to life on your visit. While onboard, you might be treated to a local musician performing after dinner or a local chef demonstrating the area's most famous dishes. Featured below are some of the possible highlights of a Rhine River cruise:

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Windmills in Kinderdijk, Holland
  • Enjoy a guided tour of Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring many of the windmills for which the Netherlands are known. Tour the inside of a windmill while learning about the history of these graceful structures.
  • In Cologne, don't miss a chance to explore this city's dominant Cologne Cathedral. The 14th-century cathedral, which miraculously avoided destruction during WWII, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site - one to see from both near and far.
Heidelberg Castle in Germany
  • Tour Heidelberg, Germany to see the country's oldest university and the ruins of Heidelberg Castle. The sandstone castle was greatly damaged in the 16th - 17th centuries, but it's still a towering testament to Renaissance architecture.
  • In Breisach, you will experience the famous Black Forest where cuckoo clocks are made and possibly have a chance to tour a workshop and meet those who craft these German staples.
Wooden Tulips in Amsterdam
  • Smaller towns like Rudesheim and Speyer offer you a chance to meet locals, dine at a popular spot or stroll through the towns with their painted shutters and old-world architecture. Here you can really get a sense of life along the Rhine.
  • Amsterdam, famous for its canals, tulips and red light district, is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in all of Europe. Here you can also explore the region's contribution to art at the Rijksmuseum or learn about how the city was affected by World War II at the Anne Frank Museum.


You can awaken your mind and soul with a voyage down the Rhine River, where you will be delighted by the rich history and culture of Europe. Don't wait to experience the riveting Rhine River on river cruise. Call your Cruise Web consultant today to reserve your spot.


Map of the Rhine River:

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