River Cruises on the Rhone River

Rhone River

Enjoy a scenic cruise to France's most wonderful southern cities as you make your way between Paris and the sun-soaked towns of the French Riviera. Along the Rhone, you will experience not only the beautiful landscapes and fascinating history of France, but also the rich tradition of French art and cuisine. Included in most Rhone River cruises are tours of exciting ports like Arles, Lyon, Vienne and Avignon. Featured below are just a few of the possible highlights of a Rhone River cruise through France:

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Palace of the Popes in Avignon, France
  • Tour the Palace of the Popes in Avignon, France. Pope Clement V resided here and ushered in a string of seven popes that called Avignon home before the papacy returned to Rome in the 14th century.
  • Enjoy a guided tour of the picturesque town of Viviers, France. Old Town Viviers has a beautiful mix of historic influences, including Roman and medieval, perhaps best exemplified in the 11th-century Viviers Cathedral.
Vineyard in Tournon, France
  • Head to the medieval cities of Tournon and Tain l'Hermitage to view the historic ruins and the Castle of Tournon. You could also learn about the area's famous vineyards and sample their world-renowned red wines.
  • Visit Vienne and learn about its Roman influences. There's the Temple of Augustus and Livia, a preserved Roman temple that was converted into a church. Other highlights include the Vienne Roman Theater and the Cathedral of Saint Maurice.
Cathedral in Lyon, France
  • Explore Arles, one of the temporary homes of Vincent van Gogh. Many consider his time spent in Arles to be his most creative, as he completed 186 paintings of the people and landscapes. You'll also discover the beautiful wildlife of this region at the Camargue National Park, where more than 400 species of birds fly free.
  • In Lyon, the gastronomic capital of the region, you can try Beaujolais, a wine made from handpicked grapes. Architectural highlights include Place des Terreaux square, Old Town Lyon (a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourviere, which looks over Lyon from atop Fourviere Hill.


Experience everything from the lifestyle of the rich and famous in the French Riviera to the charming villages of central France. If you are ready to explore with all five senses, then a river cruise on the Rhone is the perfect itinerary. Call The Cruise Web today to book a magnificent Rhone River cruise.


Map of the Rhone River:

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