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Elbe River

The Elbe River has served as a major landmark throughout the history of Europe and Germany. It was the border of Charlemagne's empire in the Middle Ages and served as a border between East and West Germany following World War II. Now it's your turn to travel this important river and learn how it has played a role in Europe's past, present and future. While cruising the Elbe, you'll spy towns that look as though they came straight out of the Grimm Brothers' stories. Highlighted below are some of the highlights of cruising the Elbe River:

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Sandstone Rocks of Saxon Switzerland
  • Enjoy amazing views of the Saxon Switzerland region where striking sandstone rocks tower over the Elbe River. The natural Bastei rock formation is a popular sandstone tower offering some of the best views of the Elbe.
  • Some Elbe River cruises begin inland in Berlin where you can get oriented to the German culture and people, or take in an overwhelming amount of artifacts found in the five museums that make up Museum Island.
Old Town Dresden, Germany
  • Dresden was once an arts capital in Europe, but sadly most of its buildings and statues were lost during bombing raids in World War II. However, this city has been working hard to restore its buildings and cultural significance. A visit here is a true history lesson on how war changes cities and towns.
  • Visit Wittenberg where Martin Luther, a monk, started the Protestant Reformation. You can take an enlightening tour that explores Martin Luther's life and beliefs.
Prague Castle, Czech Republic
  • History buffs will love the town of Potsdam, host of the Potsdam Conference where the Allied leaders (Truman, Stalin and Churchill) decided how to split Europe after World War II. However, many don't know that this was also the home to many German Kaisers and Prussian royals, and therefore has some very beautiful palaces.
  • Tour Prague, the "City of a Hundred Spires," and make sure to head to the Castle District of Hradcany. Here you'll find Prague Castle, seat of the Czech president, located at the highest part of the city.


Sail along the Elbe River and into history to discover the amazing palaces, castles and natural beauty of Germany. Contact our river cruise experts today to find the perfect Elbe River cruise through Germany.


Map of the Elbe River:

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