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Tokeh, Sierra Leone Cruise Port

Tokeh, also known as Tokeh Town, is Sierra Leone’s premiere beach resort area. This little coastal town is a fisherman’s paradise with plenty of spots to work the rod and reel along the shores, as well as boats for rent that’ll bring you farther out into the waters for more exotic fish. Tokeh Beach is actually a series of sandy beaches stretching out almost entirely along the coastline. It’s considered one of the most attractive and largest beaches in all of western Africa. Located about 20 miles from the Sierra Leone capital of Freetown, this oasis is snugly tucked away behind rolling hills, mountains and thick patches of forest. The small town with a healthy population around six thousand is primarily Muslim, and has churches as well as mosques. It also has a community center, small shops, little cafes and other amenities.


  • The pristine beaches are always worth it when visiting Tokeh. Because of the influx of tourism at certain times of year, the long beach is a godsend because it’s always possible to find a spot with fewer people.
  • The lush forests are a great place for hiking. The exciting flora stretches from the forest floor all the way to the very top of the tallest trees.
  • Tokeh Island is a nice little getaway that is easily accessible via a short boat trip from Tokeh Town. The beaches on the island are smaller and more intimate.
  • Fishing is not just a national pastime in Tokeh, it’s a way of life. Speak to the friendly inhabitants to find the best, sometimes hidden spots, where the fish are almost always biting.

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