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Porto Novo, Cape Verde Island Cruise Port

Porto Novo is a major port city on the island of Santo Antao, the largest of the Cape Verde Islands and the second largest island in the entire country. Surrounded by breathtakingly scenic mountains and majestic hills, many locals have come to calling this island the “Switzerland of Cape Verde.” The domineering mountains—with their peaks reaching almost 5,000 feet into the air—actually split the island in two. Adventurous travelers see this great divide as a perfect hiking/exploration opportunity. Many are able to forge paths through spots of lower elevation to discover valley comprised of thick, tropical vegetation. Beyond the mountains, the coast is clear, albeit a bit rocky with large enough plots of lands for the locals to grow coffee, sugar cane, and bananas. The sugar cane acts as a vital ingredient in the world famous Cape Verde rum. Tours of this big island are available by minibus, allowing visitors to see a lot in a short period.


  • The island’s waters offer a wide array of maritime life and the Blue Eden Dive Center has numerous diving programs to get their customers down below quickly and safely.
  • The Porto Novo-Ribeira Grande Road is an excellent waterside endeavor offering unforgettable scenic views all along its long, winding path.
  • The most challenging hike on the island involves walking around the Cova Crater. Beginning on one side, the challenge comes in finding the best path to the other side. It’s a long trek, but very rewarding.
  • Paul Tal is a hiking area in great contrast to the desert-like conditions on the other side of the island. This one brings you through much tropical vegetation, including a number of sugar cane and coffee plantations.

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