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Freetown, Sierre Leone Cruise Port

The west African city of Freetown is a cruise port of major importance. As the capital and largest city in Sierra Leone, its location on the Atlantic Ocean makes this an economy rooted in exports; some of the city's major industries include fish packing, rice milling, and petroleum refining. Originally called Granville Town, it settled in 1787 by formerly enslaved black Britons sent from London through the Committee for the Relief of the Black Poor. By 1792, former American slaves who had been living in Nova Scotia, Canada grew weary of their surroundings and headed to Africa, building Freetown where Granville Town used to stand. While Freetown has been through a lot growing up, it’s now an ethnically diverse city whose tropical climate, multiple football clubs, and rich past create a fascinating place to visit. Here are some of our favorite experiences while visiting the cruise port of Freetown, Sierra Leone:
  • Possibly the most historic symbol in Freetown, the Cotton Tree marks the spot where former American slaves arrived in 1792. Legend says that these settlers came to this giant tree and held a thanksgiving service, thanking God for their passage to a free land. Residents still pray and make offerings here, hoping for peace and prosperity for their families.
  • Originally opened in 1957 the Sierra Leone National Museum includes juju trinkets (amulets used in religious practice) and historical artifacts, including clothes, a drum, and the sword of Temne guerrilla leader Bai Bureh.
  • For fun in the sun, visit Lumley Beach. You may run into a party or festival, as it's a popular hangout and has plenty of bars and restaurants. For a quieter beach, check out the River Number 2 Beach (which also starts to get busy in the afternoon hours).
  • Made up of a rainforest that also protects the capital's primary watershed, the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary is an extremely popular attraction. About 75 chimps are cared for here, keeping this endangered species safe from hunters. Along with visiting the animals, you can receive more education about environmental conservation, go birdwatching, or even catch a yoga class.
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