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Straubing, Germany Cruise Port

A quaint, independent city in southern Germany’s Lower Bavaria region, Straubing is the seat of the Straubing-Bogen district and has a population around 50,000. It’s located right along the famous Danube, Europe’s second longest river, which runs through the central and eastern part of the continent. The streets are wide, well-lit and decorative, perfect for strolls any time of day. Medieval buildings are hidden among the more modern architecture, and the large squares in the center of town have wonderful ornate fountains. Restaurants, bars and cafes line the streets and are most active during the nighttime. Aside from the remaining medieval houses, many gothic castles and other large fixtures remain standing and look as impressive today as they did hundreds of years ago. Straubing holds a number of festivals every year celebrating their culture, foods and music, and there are museums open all year that put the unique culture on display.


  • City tower is an impressive piece of architecture. Its tall tower and large clock act as the city’s central timepiece, connecting its past to all the days of the future.
  • Tiergarten Straubing is a small, friendly zoo that along with its various species of animals has a child recreation area, preserved prehistoric buildings and a large aquarium.
  • Basilika St. Jakob is a stunning cathedral that offers guided tours run by docents who really know the ins and outs of history. However, you can also explore the grounds on your own.
  • Kirche St. Peter is an impressive Roman church with an eerily beautiful cemetery right on the premises. The headstones are primarily decadently-carved sculptures that have lasted many years.

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