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St. Vincent (Sao Vicente), Cape Verde Islands Cruise Port

Sao Vicente, which is also known as Saint Vincent, and Son Sent or Son Visent in Cape Verdean Creole is one of the Cape Verde Barlavento islands. It is located between the islands of Santa Luzia and Santa Antao and is separated from Santo Antao by the Canal de Sao Vicente. The terrain of the island includes mountains in the Southwest, West, the East-central, the North, and the South. The island was discovered on Saint Vincent’s Day on the 22nd of January 1492. Most of the population estimated at 93% is found at Mindelo, which is a popular tourist destination. Listed below are some of the activities and features that people cruising to St. Vincent (Sao Vicente), Cape Verde Islands will definitely enjoy:
  • Mindelo is a good place to visit for people that are into architecture. It is full of architectural delights and monuments that date back to the colonial times. The Governor’s Palace is one of the buildings in the region that is famous for its beautiful colonial architecture.
  • The island has multiple beaches that provide plenty of fun activities that tourists can enjoy. Visitors to the region can enjoy windsurfing at the beach of Sao Pedro, which is regarded as one of the best beaches for taking part in the activity.
  • Many tourists flock to the region especially during the festivals that the island hosts. One of the best festivals to attend is the beach music festival. It offers the opportunity to have fun, while listening to beautiful music; it is held during the full moon in August.
  • The island offers numerous accommodation options. The Foya Branca Hotel is a favorite option because of its impressive views and peaceful setting, which also offers good and convenient facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and a gym. Activities such as diving and windsurfing are also offered by the hotel.

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