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Reunion, Reunion Cruise Port

Reunion is an island situated in the Indian Ocean, East of Madagascar and approximately 175 kilometers Southwest of Mauritius. The island has been inhabited from as early as the 17th century when individuals from Madagascar, France, and Africa settled there. 20th December 1848 marked the abolishment of Slavery. The date is still celebrated annually on the island. In 1946, the island became an overseas department of France. Reunion Creole is the local language, which is spoken by most of the population. French is the official language. Since the year 2010, Reunion encompasses a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is, in general, a good holiday destination. Listed below are some of the recommended features, activities, and aspects that visitors will enjoy after cruising to Reunion, Reunion.
  • Bird watchers should definitely make their way to Reunion. It is home to many birds such as the white-tailed tropicbird. Visitors to the island will get the opportunity to spot multiple birds in their natural habitat and at the same time have fun.
  • Reunion is known to have an abundance of wildlife and animal lovers will enjoy a visit to the island. The largest land animal in the region is the panther chameleon. Other animals that can be spotted that inhabit the coastal waters are sea turtles and dolphins among others.
  • Musée des Musiques et Instruments de l'Océan Indien is a music museum found in Hell-Bourg. The museum showcases numerous musical instruments from China, India, Madagascar, and Africa. Music lovers will have the opportunity to go on a fun musical and visual journey.
  • Stella Matutina is a museum on the island that was re-opened in 2015 after it was renovated. It is dedicated mainly to the sugar industry but it still provides a lot of insight on the history of the island. History lovers should definitely visit the establishment.

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