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Saint John, New Brunswick Cruise Port

At the mouth of the Saint John River and within the Bay of Fundy is the Canadian cruise port of Saint John, New Brunswick. Part of Canada's Maritime provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island), Saint John is the province's largest city and the only city located on the bay, making it an important port for both cruise ships and container ships. Saint John includes not only the metro area, but the quaint-sounding Caledonia Highlands which stretch along the coast. Sometimes called the "Fundy City," it's known for its warm hospitality to tourists: cruise passengers are likely to get a greeting committee as you disembark. There’s no end of delightful things to see and do in Saint John, from exploring the city’s Victorian-inspired architecture and historic sites to whale spotting and birdwatching. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Saint John, New Brunswick:
  • A green oasis near uptown, you'll find the free-of-charge Irving Nature Park between the Bay of Fundy and a salt marsh, whose focus is on protecting the environment and the province's rich marine ecosystems. Not only can you hang out with seals and seabirds, but check out the squirrel houses where the cute critters watch passers-by.
  • This is an area serious about its maritime roots, as a visit to the Saint John City Market will prove. The roof is shaped like an inverted ship's hull, and the fascination doesn't end there. Your senses will be delighted by a plethora of produce, cheeses, flowers, and a dried seaweed called dulse.
  • The New Brunswick Museum is Canada's oldest continuing museum and is a great place to while away the hours while learning about art and history. Young visitors will enjoy the interactive displays in Discovery Gallery (although the adults will like them, too).
  • Visit Fallsview Park and the Reversing Rapids, the amazing phenomenon that results from a confluence of the highest tides in the world (from the Bay of Fundy) and the origination point (the Saint John River). When the two forces meet, the resulting high tides dramatically reverse in flow.


Hopewell Rocks in Saint John


Covered bridges and lighthouse of Saint John, New Brunswick

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