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Punta Pitt, Galapagos Island Cruise Port

Punta Pitt is located on San Cristobal, the easternmost island within the Galapagos archipelago. Legally, the island is part of Ecuador and is named after Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers. Like many islands in the Galapagos, it has natural flora and fauna living and thriving with as little human interference as possible. Punta Pitt, or Pitt Point, is located on San Cristobal’s northeastern tip and its coastline is comprised of soft, green sand. The scenic hills and mountains beyond the beaches are picturesque and offer a real isolationist and naturalist feel. This area is close to a particular steep cliff that acts as a breeding ground for all three varieties of boobies: Nazca, red-footed, and blue-footed. This point on the island is much newer than the major landmass because it’s located between two coalesced volcanos and was formed from layers of hardened lava. This accounts for its craggy peaks and rocky topography.


  • Punta Pitt is probably the only place in the world where all three boobies can be seen nesting together. Rare in and of themselves, it is quite the sight to see these elusive birds together in one place.
  • Sea lions rest and breed on these shores. Depending on the time of year, travelers can see these creatures at all ages, from the smallest babies to full adults.
  • Yellow Garden Spiders also weave their impressive webs around Punta Pitt. The female of this specie can be over 1 inch in thickness, thrice the size of their male counterparts.
  • The Galapagos lava lizard also calls this craggy oasis home and is a rare species native only to the archipelago at this time.

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