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Namur, Belgium Cruise Port

With roots that include both a Celtic and Roman presence, the multi-regional cruise port of Namur, Belgium is a sprawling city with both quaint cobblestone roads and a bustling commercial industry. Located where the Sambre and Meuse Rivers meet, this French-speaking city encompasses three regions: Hesbaye, Condroz, and Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse. Namur is also the capital of the Namur province and of the Wallonia region; the city itself contains no fewer than two dozen old communes or municipalities. Namur changed hands several times, most chiefly between the Spanish, French, and Dutch. Belgium broke from the Netherlands in 1830, with French influence remaining the most prevalent. Namur has no malls, with individual shops instead where you can browse to your heart's content. And no trip to Belgium would be complete without a pâtisserie, for a coffee, pastry, and famous Belgian chocolate. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Namur, Belgium:
  • The Citadelle or Citadel is possibly the area's biggest tourist attraction. Dating back to the year 937, it was originally built as a fortress on the Sambre and Meuse Rivers and disestablished as a military post in 1891. There's also an excellent view of the water from the top.
  • The Église Saint-Loup or Saint-Loup Church is a baroque-style Jesuit church located in the center of the city featuring elegant architecture and wood carvings. You might get lucky enough to catch a concert here as well.
  • The Place d'Armes is a fun stroll around statues and fountains and a good place to relax. One of the most whimsical statues features cartoonish characters gazing at two snails – one of them in a cage – symbolizing Namur's laid-back approach.
  • Exploring the desert itself involves such oddities as the Welwitchia mirabilis plant, also called the tree tumbo. Located only in Angola, the Namibe desert's unique climate allows this rare plant to flourish; it's thought to be one of the oldest living plants on the planet.
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