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Grenada, Caribbean Cruise Port

If you want an island with rolling hills and plenty of spice, cruising to Grenda in the southwestern Caribbean will be an unparalleled experience. This “Island of Spice” is surrounded by six smaller islands where you’ll find plenty of nutmeg and mace crops. Founded in 1649 by Jacques du Parquet, there was not a lot of love between the natives and du Parquet's French settlers. A tug-of-war began with Britain; the island changed hands a couple of times before finally gaining independence in 1967. Today, the approximately 110,000 residents enjoy a tropical climate and bustling tourism. Its capital city of St. George's also contributes to the economy with the production of more spices, including cocoa, cloves, vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon. The beaches here are a traveler's dream come true – and so are the world-famous waterfalls. Here are some of our favorite pastimes when visiting the cruise port of Grenada, Caribbean:
  • Among the island's best beaches is favorite Grand Anse with its soft, white sands. It's also a popular snorkeling spot, so it’s typically busy. For a bit more seclusion, there's La Sagesse Beach which is further away from St. George's and includes hiking trails and an excellent bird-watching spot.
  • There are plenty of beautiful waterfalls to explore, most notably Annandale Waterfalls (which is the closest to St. George's and cascades about 40 feet). Among the other possibilities are Tufton Hall, Concord, and Mt. Carmel. You can include the Seven Sisters Falls by visiting. Grand Etang National Park.
  • Foodies will be delighted with the possibilities at St. George's Market Square, the largest market in Grenada. Here you'll find a plethora of island spices, along with fruits such as bananas, coconuts, and starfruit. If you want to try something new, there are French cashews, purple avocados, or dasheen (among many, many other items).
  • Belmont Estate will give you a crash course in cocoa production (and show why it’s called the "Food of the Gods" here). Visitors can sample Belmont's cocoa tea (local hot chocolate) and experience the partnership with the Grenada Chocolate Company, which has resulted in fantastic organic dark chocolate bars.
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