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Fredrikstad, Norway Cruise Port

Fredrikstad port, known as the gateway to Oslofjord, is one of the most welcoming ports for cruise ships and their passengers. On the quay into Fredrikstad, visitors are treated to a variety of trolls—who are actually people in costumes—who play, dance, and pose for pictures. This welcoming committee also acts out a short play, showcasing the city’s industrial heritage. Since the area is located beside the 833 Hvalar Islands, it’s no surprise that long ago a fort was built so the area wasn’t as exposed to potential dangers. Not far from the port, Gamlebyen, the old city, is the best preserved fortress town in Northern Europe. The fortress on display is open to the public and acts as a museum, café, and a busy marketplace. This brilliantly preserved section of Fredrikstad is lined with wooden houses and cobblestone streets and contains a variety of restaurants, galleries, and museums.


  • If you’re looking to explore the area in an interesting way, there are a number of free city-ferries that offer short river cruises to and from the quayside promenade.
  • Venture to the Fredrikstad Literature House to check out interesting meetings, insightful lectures, and thoughtful presentations every week, all year long.
  • Nestled between two marvelous parks, the Fredrikstad Cathedral is a towering church that is open to the public. Visit to see the magnificent architecture and inner décor.
  • Take a long walk down the Prehistoric Road to travel between Fredrikstad and Skjeberg. Along the way, gaze at a stunning array of ancient monuments, burial mounds, and fortified hamlets from the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages.

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