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Cobia Island, Fiji Cruise Port

Cobia Island is part of Fiji’s Ringgold Isles archipelago. That chain of islands forms a crescent moon, similar to the shape of Cobia Island, which leads to an outlier group toward the northern island of Vanua Levu. The island is sometimes referred to as either Thombia Island or Budd Island and was once a very important “conspicuous landmark” for navigators sailing around the Fiji Islands. The island was and is recognizable from its crescent shape, the tall and abundant trees that surround the island, and by its impressive coral reef. Cobia offers a diverse landscape with a portion of the land devoured by wooded forests, tropical vistas and serene shores with crystal clear waters and diverse sea life. Fiji has a Biodiversity and Action Plan in which this island is a very important component because of its unique geographical formations and beach forests.


  • Snorkeling and scuba diving are very popular around this island because of its reported underwater visibility that continues for over 120 feet.
  • The waters are calm and smooth enough to travel via kayak, making it a relaxing activity that can be done as a single person or in pairs.
  • The Budd reef completely surrounds the island and is an impressive sight that brings underwater adventurers from all over to the peaceful island. The waters are so clear, one doesn’t have to be too submerged to bask in the reef’s beauty.
  • A submerged volcanic crater is located within Budd reef and offers the highest elevation for the west side of the island.

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