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Bluff, New Zealand Cruise Port

Often referred to as just “The Bluff,” and officially called Campbelltown until 1917, Bluff is a port town in the Southland region on the southern coast of New Zealand’s South Island. This “gateway to Stewart Island” is the oldest European-settled town in the country. The town got the name for it rechristening from Bluff Hill, one of its most dominant features. Not just a hill, but an extinct volcanic core, this distinguishing feature was known as Old Man’s Bluff to early whalers. Those wishing to traverse the great hill can do so via a world-class walk along the shore and through the native bush. Visitors can take a quick ferry ride to Stewart Island, a popular place for birders as there are many different avian species there—and it’s the only place to witness the kiwi in its natural habitat. Across the channel’s entry point is Tiwai Point, home to New Zealand’s only aluminum smelter.


  • Dive into adventure on a full-day tour with shark diving experts. These special caged excursions departing from Bluff bring you within feet of live sharks and are therefore quite memorable.
  • Learn about boating, fishing, and other seaward history at the Bluff Maritime Museum. Exhibits focus on shipwrecks, whaling, and the region’s famous oysters—which some claim are the best in the world!
  • Check out local and regional art, interesting books and other resources at the Lighthouse Gallery. It’s also a quaint place to have a tasty homemade meal.
  • Stirling Point offers an outstanding view of the waters. This stop is also well known for its directional sign stating the way and distance to many unique places around the world, including the South Pole.

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