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Bermuda Cruise Port

1,000 miles north of the Caribbean is a British territory that can only be described as charming and exquisite. With codfish, potato and banana as the traditional breakfast meal, it is almost unimaginable to think the cruise port of Bermuda is a self-governing British dependency. The natives do a fine job in blending island living with proper English traditions. At your leisure, gear up to play 18 holes on Riddell's Bay, Bermuda’s oldest golf course in this extremely popular golf destination with some of the most beautiful greenery in the world. Drinking tea is a daily ritual mostly engaged in by family members on the front porch of their beautifully decorated pastel-colored homes with hibiscus and bougainvillea blooms in their front yards. Get ready to build your first pink sand castle on Bermuda’s pink-sand beaches or lay in the sun for the perfect beach tan you’ve anticipated all year. Go swimming with dolphins, diving with vibrant coral reefs, riding on horse-drawn carriage along Hamilton's cobblestone streets, mountain biking or vacation shopping. Whatever you dream of doing on your perfect getaway, go for it while cruising to Bermuda.
Book one or more of these shore excursions on your cruise to Bermuda:
  • Can you picture an ocean with various shades of aquamarine blue, colorful underwater life, large boulders, gentle waves on soft pink sands and plenty of room for sunbathing? Nature could not have created a much better beach for all this than the Horseshoe Bay Beach. Ranking on the top of the list for the most beautiful beaches in the world, this must-see attraction in the mild, comfortable climate of the cruise port of Bermuda is absolutely stunning, pristine and breathtaking. Don’t miss out!
  • Tour the 40 feet deep, clear underground pools of azure blue water and enjoy an amazing lunch under the cave ceilings adorned with rare chandelier clusters and crystalized soda straws in the incredibly entertaining Crystal and Fantasy Caves on your cruise to Bermuda.
  • Wondering what an all-in-one aquarium, museum and zoo looks like? Well venture out to the Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo to see lots of pretty fish, island birds, tortoises, reptiles, seals, kangaroos and several interesting creatures that would look great in your vacation photos. This place of interest in the cruise port of Bermuda is also a treasure trove of information about the entire island.

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