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Viking Expeditions World Cruisetours

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Viking Expeditions' Longitudinal World Cruisetours! Traverse from the untamed landscapes of Canada & the American Great Lakes to the frosty realms and elusive fauna of Antarctica, offering a rare opportunity to discover unique destinations spanning from the Northern reaches to the southernmost tip of the Western Hemisphere. Spectacular scenery awaits, adorned with diverse wildlife such as whales, penguins, and moose, ensuring an unforgettable voyage aboard your Viking Longitudinal World Cruisetour. To learn more about securing your place on one of these exclusive 378-passenger expeditions, contact our Viking specialists at 1-800-377-9383


Each Viking Expeditions World Cruisetour is accompanied by a team of destination experts dedicated to ensuring every guest enjoys an immersive and memorable experience! As these are expedition cruises, the excursions are tailored for the adventurous, offering opportunities like wilderness trekking to capture the beauty of the Chilean fjords, exploring icy landscapes in Patagonia, or kayaking in the Great Lakes! These activities are just a glimpse of the adventures awaiting you on your Viking Expeditions World Cruisetour. Continue below for our favorite highlights of a Viking Expeditions World Cruisetour.


Viking Expedition Cruises World Cruisetour Highlights


Bird watching in Cooper Harbor, Michigan

Bird-Watcher’s Paradise

A Viking Expeditions World Cruisetour offers an ideal getaway for bird lovers eager to discover diverse avian species in one voyage! Journey from the rich bird habitats of Brion Island in Quebec, along the Atlantic Coast to observe low-country birds in Charleston, South Carolina, and venture to Antarctica to encounter penguins (yes, they're classified as birds!). Don't forget to pack your binoculars for optimal viewing and participate in onboard ornithology lectures for a deeper understanding of these fascinating creatures.


Penguin with cruise ship in background

Patagonia & Penguins

No, we're not referring to penguins wearing snazzy fleece jackets, although that would be adorable! On your Viking Expeditions World Cruisetour, your penguin fantasies will become a reality as you navigate the Patagonian coast, boarding a Zodiac to intimately experience these charming little guys up close.


Apostle Islands on Lake Michigan

The Greatest Cruise on the Great Lakes

Set off on a Viking Expeditions World Cruisetour, starting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Michigan, where you'll indulge in a local cheese tasting before embarking on a bike excursion (to work off those cheesy calories) on Mackinac Island! Then, journey southward through Lake Huron to Detroit, continue east across Lake Erie for a visit to Toronto, before venturing into the open sea and heading southward toward Antarctica.


The Science Lab onboard Viking Expeditions

Onboard & Ashore Enrichment

Expedition experts guide excursions, deliver onboard lectures and so much more on a Viking Expeditions World Cruisetour. How enriching it must be to learn about, for example, the native birds in the region, and then trying to spot them on an excursion with a professional ornithologist..


Luxury Nordic Junior suite on Viking Expeditions World Cruise

Luxury Onboard Experience

Viking. Renowned for unparalleled European river journeys and opulent ocean voyages, this cruise line extends its exceptional service to the realm of expeditions. You'll encounter the familiar luxury and hospitality synonymous with Viking, alongside the allure of exploring distinctive destinations on a world expedition cruise.



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