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Viking Expeditions South America Cruisetours

An exotic destination, South America offers some of the most diverse landscapes and culture in the world! You’ll need more time to explore everything the continent has to offer, from the banks of the Amazon River to the icy path to Antarctica. A Viking Expeditions South America cruisetour is the best wy to dive deeper into the picturesque vistas, snow-topped mountain ranges and even beaches! Everything you can imagine in a vacation is available on a South America cruisetour with Viking and even better – you are surrounded by the luxurious onboard experience of a Viking cruise, every step of the way. For more information about a cruisetour in South America with Viking Expeditions, call our experts at 1-800-377-9383


Each Viking Expeditions cruise is joined on their voyage by a team of experts on the destination you are sailing. A South America cruisetour is no different! Transit the Panama Canal while a maritime expert explains the importance of the waterway, hop on a Zodiac and come face to face with penguins or grab your robe and hit the spa onboard the ship! There is no shortage of life-changing activities when on a cruisetour with Viking Expeditions in South America, but keep reading for just a few of our favorite highlights:


Viking Expedition Cruises South America Cruisetour Highlights


Cruise ship in the Panama Canal

Panama Canal Transit

An engineering marvel, the Panama Canal is the quickest route from any of Viking’s popular ports in Florida to the wonderous vistas along South America’s West Coast. And the final destination isn’t even the exciting part for history buffs as their ship with Viking makes a full transit of the canal as thousands of other ships have done for over 115 years.


A couple with a penguin in Antarctica

Adventures in Antarctica

Antarctica is a bucket list destination for most, so why not experience the ice continent in the luxurious accommodations of a Viking Expeditions ship? From onboard lectures on the region, to hands on experiences making Zodiac landings near a colony of penguins – always dressed to impress new visitors in their little tuxedos.


Chilean fjord panorama

Chilean Fjords with Viking Expeditions

An unforgettable highlights of your South America cruisetour, the fjords that speckle Southern Chile might be one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. Snow-topped mountains surround deep channels and lush, green forests while you sip a cocktail in the Explorer’s Lounge with a pair of binoculars, hoping to spot a humpback whale breaching the surface of the fjord’s calm waters.


Junior Suite on Viking Octantis

Luxury Onboard Experience

South America, especially on an expedition cruise, can visit some of the most remote destinations on the continent. But have no fear! Onboard the ship, everything is the epitome of luxury. From the adornments in your stateroom to the world-class service Viking is known for, your destination won’t be the only thing that “wows” you on a Viking Expedition South America cruisetour.



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Viking Expeditions South America Cruisetours Departure Ports

Discover the exciting places your South America cruisetour with Viking could begin. Your Viking Expeditions South America cruisetour could begin in any of the following cities:

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