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Viking Expeditions South America Cruises

When you choose to explore the ends of the Earth with Viking Expeditions, South America should be on the top of your list. From towering mountains in the coastal Andes, to the lush forests along the winding Amazon River and southward toward Patagonia and the Chilean fjords, South America with Viking Expeditions is an unforgettable destination. While the natural landscapes and wildlife are unmatched, don’t miss out on indulgence in South American cities like Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and more, where traditions run deep and the influence of ancient Incan and Mayan culture are clear. For more information on cruising in South America with Viking Expeditions, call our experts at 1-800-377-9383!


From bustling metropolitan centers to remote, untouched civilizations, South America is truly a one of a kind destination. Whether you’re a foodie diving into the regional cuisine, an adventurer looking for your next conquest (try hiking to Machu Picchu!) or simply a traveler, looking to expand your experiences and world-views, a South America Viking Expedition cruise will have something, if not everything, you’re looking for. Continue below for just a sample of the incredible experience waiting for you in South America with Viking Expeditions:


Viking Expedition Cruises South America Cruise Excursions


See the frigate bird population with Viking Expeditions in South America

Isla Corazon Birdwatching

If there was a call to call bird watchers, we’d be using it right now! Hop on a boat ride through the lush, mangrove swamps of Isla Corazon as an excursion during your Viking Expeditions cruise to South America, home to one of the most diverse bird populations in the world.


Machu Picchu in Peru on Viking Expeditions Cruise

Ancient Civilizations of Peru

While exploring Lima, Peru on your Viking Expeditions cruise in South America, don’t miss out on this included excursion! Enjoy a guided tour through important archaeological sites, ruins and the history of the ancient civilizations that once inhabited the areas around this now-bustling city. If ancient civilizations are your thing, plan for a pre- or post-cruise trip to Machu Picchu!


Chilean Glacier as seen on Viking Expeditions South America cruise

Chilean Glacier Adventures

Kayak, hike or make landing on glaciers while exploring the Chilean fjords on your Viking Expeditions cruise to South America! Enjoy the peaceful, glassy water and scenic landscape, or dive into active glacial research by helping your onboard destination experts conduct experiments on excursions!


Andes Mountains in the distance

Ascending the Andes Mountains

Nestled in the Western part of South America, the imposing Andes Mountains span over 1.3 million square miles. Within these mountains are ancient ruins, untouched civilizations and so much more. Enjoy a hike through a portion of the Andes with Viking Expeditions, making sure to get high enough for a view of the expansive range.



Onboard Activities on South America Viking Expedition Cruise


Sunset on a Viking Expeditions Panama Canal cruise

Panama Canal Transit

Sail through an engineering marvel when your Viking Expeditions cruise in South America includes the Panama Canal! Make sure you grab a drink and head to the sundeck to watch as your Viking Expeditions ship makes its way through the narrow canal. Can you spot any wildlife along the shore?


Viking Expeditions onboard science lab for guests

Viking Resident Scientists and Onboard Lectures

On each Viking Expedition cruise, a team of destination experts and scientists come along, hosting daily lectures on the destination of the day, the activities that lie ahead and even take volunteers to help with research and data collection once ashore! In a diverse destination like South America, activities like this expand your mind and get you ready to truly immerse yourself in your surroundings.


Traditional ceviche on Viking Expeditions South America cruise

Destination-driven Dining Experiences

While Viking guests have come to expect culinary excellence onboard, Viking Expeditions steps it up with dishes inspired by the cultures of even the most remote destinations. A favorite on a South American expedition cruise? Traditionally prepared Peruvian ceviche – but you’ll have to try it to trust us!



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Viking Expeditions South America Departure Ports

Learn more about the ports in where you can begin your South American expedition with Viking Cruises! Believe it or not, some of these cruises begin in Florida or Coastal California! Your South America cruise with Viking Expeditions could begin in any of the following ports:

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