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There’s nothing quite like a scenic and culinary satisfying cruise to the Mediterranean with Princess Cruises. Taste the zesty and flavorful cuisine of Turkey, and feast on the incredible local delights and seafood of the Greek Isles in Greece. You can find your zen on the outstanding beaches of the Amalfi Coast, or thrill yourself at a legendary game of fútbol at Camp Nou in Barcelona. Whether it’s the religious historic grandeur of Rome, the unforgettable ambience of Venice, or the wine of France, your cruise to the Mediterranean with Princess Cruises will be a special vacation.


Things to Do on a Mediterranean Cruise with Princess Cruises


You can’t find cruise excursions like those you’ll uncover on a Mediterranean cruise with Princess Cruises anywhere else in the world. Stroll the Vatican and feel the energy of the center of Catholicism. See the burial site of one of the twelve apostles, as well as one of the most storied open air locations in the world when you visit St. Peter’s Square and Basilica. Take yourself way back into the legend of the first Olympic Games of Athens when you experience the incredible Old Olympic Stadium in Greece. Give our Mediterranean expert cruise consultants a call to learn more about the excursions of this region.



Princess Cruises stadium in the city of ancient Messina Peloponnes Greece
  • Old Olympic Stadium (Athens, Greece)
    Built for the first “modern” Olympic Games in 1896, the Old Olympic stadium is an impressive landmark of Athens. It invites tourists from all over to tour the venue with great photo opportunities and souvenirs to take home.




Princess Cruises St Peters Square Vatican Rome Italy
  • St. Peter's Square and Basilica (Rome, Italy)
    The cultural and religious significance of St. Peter’s Basilica is enormous to the Christian faith, as it is the burial site of one of the twelve apostles, Saint Peter. Also located in front of the church is a piazza where the community gathers for functions, making it a focal point of the Vatican City.




Princess Cruises Italy Rome Vatican St Peters Basilica
  • Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel (Rome, Italy)
    The Vatican Museums are home to many remarkable pieces of religious art in Rome. Part of these museums is the Sistine Chapel, as it holds the great works of Michelangelo.




Princess Cruises Barcelona Spain La Sagrada Familia
  • La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell (Barcelona, Spain)
    Uncover the famous works of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi on this four hour tour of his two most famous works. Begin with Park Guell, a public park with mosaics and a bench shaped like a serpent. After that, you’ll be taken on a tour of the unfinished La Sagrada Familia church. In the basement you’ll find a wonderful museum dedicated to Gaudi.




Princess Cruises beach Las Teresitas in Santa Cruz de Tenerife north at Canary Islands
  • La Laguna and Taganana (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands)
    Explore the lush forests on Tenerife with a stop at El Bailadero, which is the highest point on the island, from which you can look into the Mercedes Forest. Then visit Taganana, a development in the Anaga Mountains where sugar cane and now wine grapes are produced. Head to a tasting in a nearby restaurant to try some of the local flavors.




Princess Cruises Castle of Lourmarin France
  • Chateau de Lourmarin and Roussillon (Marseille, France)
    Tour the beautiful towns of provincial France while visiting a chateau built in the 15th century and indulge in a French meal, served with wine of course. Then wander through the shops in the village of Roussillon.



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Learn more about your potential departure ports for a Mediterranean cruise with Princess Cruises. Your Princess Cruises Mediterranean cruise could embark from any of the following cities:

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