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Celebrity Cruises Repositioning Cruises

On a repositioning cruise with Celebrity Cruises, you get to begin your vacation in one incredible destination and end somewhere even better. Whether you spend some time marveling at Big Ben in London, enjoy shopping in the south of France, or simply enjoy the endless amenities onboard, a Repositioning cruise with Celebrity is bound to have a splash of this and a pinch of that, all coming together for an unforgettable cruise vacation!


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Things to Do on a Repositioning Cruise with Celebrity Cruises


Start in Florida, end in Southampton. Embark in England, disembark in Dubai! With a repositioning cruise with Celebrity Cruises, the possibilities are endless! You start your vacation in one scenic city, and end in another, and the endless possibilities in between are what these trips are all about. Featured below are just a few of the memorable things you could experience on a repositioning cruise with Celebrity Cruises:



A dolphin playing ball
  • Swim with Dolphins (Nassau, Bahamas)
    In Nassau, Atlantis isn't the lost city, but rather a place in which to lose yourself. Whether you choose a day pass, or simply swim with the dolphins, you'll never forget this experience in the Bahamas.




Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa (Livorno, Italy)
    A simple miscalculation led to one of the most iconic Italian monuments, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. While in Livorno, make sure to get your obligatory photo "holding up" the tower!




Giant's Causeway
  • Giant's Causeway (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
    From 4 inches to 40 feet, here you will find over 40,000 basalt columns that have formed over time to create this incredible landmark in Northern Ireland.




Mt. Fuji on the horizon
  • Mt. Fuji (Yokohama, Japan)
    Once you've traversed the Marine Tower, the tallest inland lighthouse in the world, you'll be treated to expansive, panoramic views of the Japanese countryside, and, if the weather is right, a view of the great Mount Fuji in the distance.




Spires of La Sagrada Familia
  • La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)
    Designed by the great Antoni Gaudi, this masterpiece was never finished as the architect died during construction. The cathedral, which has been described as "the most extraordinary personal interpretation of Gothic architecture since the Middle Ages," is slated to be finished in 2026, 100 years after the death of Gaudi.



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