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When you cruise the Caribbean with Celebrity Cruises, you go beyond beaches. Yeah, the white sand beaches are incredibly picturesque and the beaches with black volcanic sand are like nothing you’ve ever seen before, but dive deeper with Celebrity! No matter what Caribbean port you visit, crystal blue waters are ideal for snorkeling! Do a little hiking for a handsome reward as you gaze over panoramic landscapes and admire how the blue water contrasts the lush, green coastline.


Things to Do on a Caribbean cruise with Celebrity Cruises


Remember what we said about diving deeper? Did you know that the Great Maya Reef is second only to the Great Barrier Reef in size? Imagine all the vibrant marine life down there! Grab your snorkel gear! More of a history buff? No problem in the Caribbean! The ancient Mayan civilization called this region home and left behind plenty of monuments and relics, some thousands of years old, that still stand today. Of course, no matter where you are in the Caribbean, you’ll find freshly prepared food, teeming with exotic flavors and crisp produce. Continue below to find out some of our favorite things to do with Celebrity Cruises in the Caribbean:



A glass of Caribbean rum
  • Yo-ho-ho and a Bottle of Rum (Various ports)
    Time flies when you’re having rum at any of the classic distilleries dotting the Caribbean Sea. Take a tour and sample this fun-loving island libation!




Lake within the jungle in Samana
  • Grottos & ‘Groves (Samana, Dominican Republic)
    Enjoy a journey to Los Haitises National Park! A perfect location for kayaking, unique rock formations have created caves hidden by vibrant, green mangroves. Sounds like a fun game of hide and seek!




A Dominican sugar cane field
  • Coffee. With Sugar! (Roseau, Dominica)
    The oldest family estate in Dominica, the Bois Cotlette farm has been producing high-end coffee and harvesting sugar cane for over 200 years. Tour the facility and learn the history of these crops.




A sloth enjoying the rescue
  • Rainforest Rescues (Puerto Limon, Costa Rica)
    Costa Rica has some incredible wildlife! Enjoy a walk through a beautifully maintained botanical garden on your way to a local Animal Rescue! What kind of exotic animals might you find?




Mangrove field in Hell
  • Go to Hell! And Barker’s National Park (George Town, Grand Cayman)
    Visit the fascinating traditional village of Hell, where locals show you around a mangrove field, where you might get lucky enough to spot a blue iguana. On your way back to the ship, we hear you pass the Tortuga Rum Cake Outlet, where you can grab a slice before returning to sea.



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