Charlestown, Nevis Cruise Port

Charlestown in Nevis is one of the last remaining unblemished paradises in the Caribbean. Fresh sea air, lush green forests and pearly white beaches make a cruise to Charlestown a must visit on the list of anyone with a touch of adventure within them. Charlestown is the birthplace and childhood town of American founding father, Alexander Hamilton who was chief aide to George Washington. Cruise to Charlestown and experience one of the most unique styles of building houses in the world where ground floors are built using stone and upper stories using wood. This system came about because frequent earthquakes on the island would often cause upper floors of buildings to collapse. This jewel in the Caribbean is filled with numerous sites and artifacts that tell not only its own history but the history of the entire region surrounding it. Below are a few activities you will enjoy on the island:
  • Visit the Museum of Nevis History to learn more about the region. This two story stone house houses a museum on the ground floor. A cruise to Charlestown and a visit to the museum will also mean you have visited Nevis' national assembly; it meets on the upper floor.
  • Spend a day at the Hamilton Estate and get spectacular views of Charlestown and the surrounding farmlands. Originally a sugar plantation, the farm fell to ruins when sugar exports from the island ceased. Today a variety of cash crops and vegetables are grown there under the Caribbean sun.
  • Visit the Botanical Gardens of Nevis to explore some of the world's rarest flora. Orchids, roses, vines and fruit plants fill the garden in the foreground of a large 19th century style home. The garden also features various sculptures and works of art.
  • The Nevisian Heritage Village is a great place to spend the day for the lovers of Caribbean history. The village, run by the Ministry of Tourism, features a timeline of all the types of houses that have been built on the island over centuries.
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