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Photo Highlight
Whether you enjoy an elegant black tie event or flip-flops by the pool, this month's "Formal vs. Casual" edition of The Current has you covered. Our photo highlight comes courtesy of Celebrity Cruises and features a casual game of croquet at sea - a fine way to unwind before a formal evening.
Formal vs. Casual Photo Highlight - Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises
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Manager's Insight
Formal vs. Casual
Over the last six newsletters we have been introducing our Management Team in this column. I am Don Dean, the Director of Finance and Human Resources at The Cruise Web.
By the time you are reading this newsletter, I will be cruising on the Island Princess as part of an industry event sponsored by Princess Cruises and Cunard Line. As my wife, Sara, and I began focusing on the itinerary for the cruise, we had a conversation about the scheduled formal dining evening. Much of the conversation turned nostalgic as we reminisced about how travel has changed over the years and much of that change related to attire. I recalled that as a newly minted accounting graduate the first accounting firm for which I worked had a dress code of suit and tie for business travel; which for me resulted in wearing a tie during several cross country flights and even on trips deep into Mexico during the summer. Given that as a collegian the universal dress code was blue jeans, t-shirts, and long hair; those first business trips in a tie were a challenge.
Over time, business travel attire became less formal as a sport coat and dress slacks became the accepted norm (tie optional, but if you were ambitious you followed the lead of the senior member traveling), and eventually sport coat with jeans was enough to identify you as a traveling business person which was worth an occasional perk or special service...  Read More»
Don Dean
Director of Finance and Human Resources
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The Cruise Web: Celebrating 17 Years in Business
Employee Profile
Viviane Temchine: Senior Cruise Consultant
Viviane Temchine
Senior Cruise Consultant
Years in Travel: 13
Cruises Taken: 10+
Destinations Visited: China, Tibet, Morocco, Egypt, England, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Balearic Islands, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, Mexico
and almost every island in the Caribbean
Favorite Itinerary: Mediterranean (especially the Greek Islands)
Pets: 2 rescue cats named Kiki and Luca
Hobbies: Travel (of course), beaches, reading
Next Stops for Viviane: Australia and South East Asia
This month, say "hi" to one of our most well-traveled Cruise Consultants, Viviane Temchine. A proud native of New York, you could say that Viviane was literally born into the world of travel. Her dad was the Tour Manager for El Al Airlines, which means that he and his family had many opportunities to see the world. From a young age, Viviane was stamping her passport and, during high school summer jobs, she found herself stamping envelopes to mail brochures and answering the phone for travel agencies. After college, Viviane worked at various wholesale travel companies in New York City and then as the manager of the retail division of a travel corporation.
One of the many reasons that Viviane is such a good fit for our "Formal vs. Casual" edition of The Current is that she has experience with both. So what's the best way to travel? "For me, it's all based on where I'm going," says Viviane. "For example, I've been to places like Morocco and Tibet where it's best to take the adventure-travel route. I traveled to China to cruise the Yangtze River and climb a mountain to visit a 500 year old temple that would soon be lost forever under 300 feet of water because of the new Three Gorges Dam. I want to get involved in the culture, the people and the adventure of the area. But, if I'm going to some place that I've been before, or just want to relax, then I'm all about the suite and my butler please!"
Viviane believes that the experience is what makes a vacation. Her experience is what makes her truly an expert on a destination because chances are, she's been! "My clients keep coming back to me because, in addition to the personalized service I offer, I provide information and insight that you can't find in any book."
The Current Spotlight: Formal vs. Casual!
A compilation by The Cruise Web employees
While it's tempting to classify a cruise as strictly formal or casual, the truth is that many are a combination of each. Others are going through a transition from one end of the spectrum towards the other. This all serves to benefit cruisers as there are now plenty of cruise options suited to our varied tastes. To demonstrate this, we've compiled a list of our preferences for formal vs. casual cruising, along with our favorite aspects of each. No dress code required for further reading.
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Wrapping up an Incredible Vacation!
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Wrapping up an Incredible Vacation!
Determining Your Cruising Style
By Viviane Temchine,
Senior Cruise Consultant.
Cruising began as a means of transportation, a way to cross oceans. Passengers were either wealthy persons flaunting their wealth and their couture gowns in first class or poor immigrants traveling in steerage with the few clothes they possessed.
Times have changed since the 1920s when long gowns and tuxedos were required after 6:00pm for first class passengers. Cruising in the 21st century is all about our need to feel relaxed while exploring new destinations on vacation and to get away from the restrictions of a "work" dress code. Each of the different cruise lines today offer...
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