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Photo Highlight
Don't forget the sun block! Whether you're a beach person or not, there is something about beaches that makes even the thought of them relaxing. Maybe it's the promise of being able to do nothing all day, or the combination of a warm sun and a cool ocean (or lake) breeze. Either way, there are lots of great beaches across the globe and this one in particular is the beach at Fantasy Island, Honduras, captured by our own Heather W.
A sunning chair on a sunny beach
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President's Message
At the Beach
Last summer, I took my then 6 and 9 year old boys to the little southern Swedish coastal village of Falsterbo. Falsterbo and neighboring Skanör are small old fishing villages that have turned into popular summer vacation spots for many Swedes, and have always been favorites of my boys' Swedish born "Farmor," (literally translated "father's mother").
As this was the first trip for my boys to the home country of many of their ancestors, we packed an active itinerary into our 10-day vacation. However, almost every morning, we made time for the beach! Waking in a family friends' summer home as immaculate as every building and home in these pristine villages, the three of us would eat our Swedish porridge and then board our old-fashion rented bicycles - baskets, bells, and all - to bike 10-15 minutes to the crisp and breezy water of the Baltic Sea.
On arrival we were always greeted by the coast's tremendous sand dunes. Climbing over the dunes and jumping down the other side 36 or so times in a row, was the preferred method of crossing the dunes for my boys, as the broken path between these miniature mountains looked far too simple. After jump 37, we set up camp on the broad white sandy beach and contemplated a dip into the 1-2 foot white capped waves coming ashore.
As the family leader, I bravely ventured... Read More»
Frans G. Hansen
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Employee Profile
Julie Atkins: Manager of Client Services and Group Administration
Julie Atkins
Manager of Client Services
and Group Administration
Interests: Traveling, photography, cooking, fine wine, creating photography books
Favorite Itinerary: Australia
This month's employee profile is our very own Manager of Client Services and Group Administration, Julie Atkins. Julie was chosen as this month's employee profile because her vast knowledge of some of the best beaches in the world; Moorea off of Tahiti, Bora Bora, Turtle Island in Fiji, Aitutaki in Aruba, Majorca in the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain and Perth, Australia.
How did Julie get to see all of these beaches? "I worked for a large travel retail company in England, my native land, that gave me my first opportunity to travel abroad," explains Julie. "I then received a job offer to work in the states for a company that specializes in travel through the South Pacific."
Now, Julie has a new travel companion, her 2 year old, Erin. She's only 2 years old, but she's already been on 5 cruises (a nice perk that comes with working at The Cruise Web). If you check out the pictures that Julie submitted for the Beautiful Beaches & Family Fun blog, it appears as though Julie and Erin are the only people on the beach? How do you find these beautiful, yet crowd-less beaches when you are on a cruise? "The answer is in my blog, check it out."
Ok, so, the next big question becomes, what is your favorite beach and why? "Ayia Napa in Cyprus, I went there many times, but I love that beach because it's just gorgeous; golden sand and beautiful green water. It was also not crowded at all."
The Current Spotlight: Our Favorite Beaches
A compilation from The Cruise Web employees
Warm weather and sunny skies can only mean one thing, it's time to hit the beach! And with so much cruising experience, it'd just be downright selfish if we didn't share our favorite beaches. Without further ado, our favorite beaches and beach experiences:
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"Penguins at the Falkland Islands"
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Penguins at the Falkland Islands
Beautiful Beaches & Family Fun
By Julie A., Manager of Client Services
& Group Administration
Taking a baby on vacation may seem more challenging than rewarding, and in my experience it's a bit of both. I always joke when I get back from vacation with my daughter that I need another vacation on my own! When Erin was six months old we decided to take her on her first cruise.
I chose Holland America because they had the most suitable itinerary, sailing on the ms Eurodam. When choosing an itinerary with babies or young children, the Caribbean is a very good choice. We visited St Thomas, Tortola and Grand Turk which are best known for their soft sandy beaches.
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A funny beach comic
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