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President's Message Celebrating 15 Years in Business
New Year's Resolutions
I have gone into many holiday seasons bracing myself for my own self-inflicted New Year's resolutions. These resolutions of denial or discipline, such as "no desserts" or "work out five times a week," have served their purpose, but they have always carried a bit of dread with them.
This year, my personal New Year's resolution is more welcoming - "be present!" By this, I mean accept, enjoy, and/or enthusiastically embrace every present moment. I will learn from the past, but not regret or hold on to it. I will plan for the future, but not fixate or stress over it.
A great thing about this New Year's resolution is that it is with me wherever I go. At work, I will accept every challenge and opportunity. At home, I will appreciate and enjoy my surroundings. And when I take my two little boys on a cruise vacation, I too will play as enthusiastically as any 7 or 10 year old!
One more thing - this resolution started now!
Frans G. Hansen
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Employee Profile
John Tarantino: Senior Cruise Consultant
John Tarantino
Senior Cruise Consultant
Hobbies: Shooting pool, playing guitar, listening to music and spending time with his kids
Favorite Itinerary: Western Caribbean
Favorite Food: Italian (Brooklyn-style)
Pets: A pug named Dixie
This month we are profiling our 3.5 year TCW veteran, John Tarantino. John is being profiled this month because this is the first time ever that one of his New Year's resolutions will come true: to be the healthiest person he has ever been by May, 2010.
What prompted this change? This resolution started when he was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year. His doctor told him that diet and exercise alone would be enough to keep him off of the medications and shots that come along with being diabetic. This was both the worst and the best news that John had ever gotten, "Worst in that I had a debilitating disease, the best in that it made me change the way I live."
Once diagnosed, John started his New Year's Resolution early by dropping 37 pounds in five months. He did this simply by watching everything he eats and exercising regularly. And what about cruising? Well, two weeks after being diagnosed with diabetes, John went on a 7 day cruise with his family. He came back from his cruise two pounds lighter than when he left. This prompted John to write this month's blog.
Now that John has been educated on healthful eating and living, it's easy for him to make the right choices. And he is extending that knowledge to his family, friends and co-workers. "These are people that I care about, and I don't want to see them get hurt. I want to teach them how to eat and exercise and live a healthy life" explains John.
"In my 2010 resolution, I resolved to get into a pair of Jeans I have saved since high school...Be glad I did not save that pair of 'Back to the Future' Speedos!"
The Current Spotlight: New Year's Resolutions
A compilation from The Cruise Web employees
Near the end of every year, people reflect on the year that has passed and start to plan for the New Year ahead. And one of the many ways people begin their plans is with a New Year's Resolution. Sometimes the resolution is a summary of all the things someone wishes to accomplish in the coming years, and others are simple phrases or statements that help people stay focused on their new or continuing goals.
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How To Eat On A Cruise
By The Cruise Web Team
Food... cruising... food... cruising... food... cruising. Everyone associates cruising with food. "Oh my, I ate so much on my cruise." "I gained 5 pounds on my cruise." "When I moved from the front to the back of the ship I think I felt the ship tip a bit." There is always an abundance of food choices on a cruise. From the vast breakfast buffets to the elegant gourmet dinners, a cruiser is faced with an endless parade of goodies!! Fear not, you can enjoy it all and NOT gain weight.
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