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A reputation for fun activities, delicious foods and great destinations makes Mexico cruising a popular option that many vacationers choose to come back to year after year. Best of all, cruises to Mexico offer two distinct coastlines with their own unique characteristics!

The eastern coast along the Gulf of Mexico provides a wide range of cruise options, both in itineraries and lengths of travel. Common ports of call include Cancun and Cozumel, which are favorites for cruisers of all ages. The mainland of eastern Mexico features many ancient ruins and other exciting opportunities to explore, while the island of Cozumel and other key locations offer some of the best snorkeling and diving anywhere.

The western coast along the Pacific also offers remarkable destinations with unparalleled views, and on this side of Mexico there are a number of exclusive high-end resorts along the ocean. Common ports of call include Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta - locations that typically offer great weather throughout the year and a variety of activities in a more relaxed atmosphere for your cruise to Mexico.

With their diverse beauty, thrilling adventures and romantic allure, the only thing that will be difficult is deciding which of these locations to choose when taking a Mexican cruise. Fortunately, once you take your first trip, you’ll probably want to include Mexico in your itinerary every time you cruise!

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