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Venice, Italy Shore Excursions
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Venice, Italy
Sample City Tours
A Gondola Ride & Free Time
Departing the pier by private motor launch, you'll reach a pier in the city center from where you'll proceed on foot (approximate 15-minute walk) to a gondola landing station to board a beautiful, hand-painted boat, lovingly cared for by its owners and a source of great pride for them.
The scenery speaks for itself on this non-narrated 30- to 35-minute cruise, as your experienced gondolier traverses the narrow canals crossed by stone bridges, gliding past balconied waterfront buildings.
At the end of the gondola ride, you'll have free time (approximately 130 minutes) for shopping and browsing before meeting your escort and rejoining the motor launch for the return to the ship.

Venice, Italy
Sample Food/Cuisine Tours
A Taste of Venice with Free Time
From the pier, you'll travel approximately 20 minutes via private motor boat to reach the San Marco area along the Canale della Giudecca. Meet your guide at the boat landing point and begin your stroll from the Venetians favorite square. You'll first admire, adjoining the Doge's Palace, the famous Ponte dei Sospiri, Bridge of Sighs. This legendary structure connects the palace to the former ducal prison.
After some remarks on the history of Venice, which power for many centuries resided in these buildings, you'll admire the Marciana Library, the Loggetta by J. Sansovino, the Bell Tower, the Clock Tower and its two bronze Moors, the two wings called Procuratie Vecchie and the Procuratie Nuove, besides the Cathedral in the daylight.
Next to the Cathedral is the Doges' Palace, the former official residence of the Rulers of Venice (Dogi), one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture, well known for its ornate facade and multi-arcaded loggia.
Your guide will lead you through the narrow Venetian streets (Calli) up to the Grand Canal with a view of the Rialto Bridge, the largest of the four bridges spanning the most important waterway of Venice.
Your free time (roughly 75 minutes) will begin from there, so take advantage of that time for independent exploration or tasting some Italian specialties.
At the conclusion of this excursion, you may choose to stay in town, making your way back to the ship at your leisure, or re-board your motor launch and return to the ship via the Giudecca Canal.

Venice, Italy
Sample Sightseeing Tours
Chorus Pass - 16 Monumental Churches

The churches of Venice contain some of the most extraordinary treasures of art in the world. One thousand years of history and faith speak though their walls, and through the paintings, sculptures, goldsmith's works and precious fabrics preserved in these fascinating edifices. You can see masterpieces by the great artists working in the city down the centuries, in the actual sites for which they were conceived and created. At the same time, you will discover a surprising Venice made up of silent, secret places, becoming part of a great project to restore the city's artistic heritage.

This is not a guided tour; it is a prepaid pass to visit on your own 16 churches. Chorus proposes a journey through 1000 years of faith, art and history. Purchasing the Chorus Pass you will be able to discover on your own the treasures kept in Venice's most surprising museum - its churches. The aim of Chorus is to contribute to the safeguard, conservation, restoration and maintenance of the churches of Venice.

Venice, Italy
Sample Sightseeing Tours
Evening Gondola Serenade
A visit to Venice is not complete without experiencing the splendor of the city on a romantic evening gondola ride. You will depart from the pier by private motor launch with escorts to be transferred to St. Mark's landing area from where you will walk to a Gondola Station. You will board the typical sleek, black Venetian craft, riding four per gondola, to begin your approximate 35-minute, non-narrated trip through some of the magical canals of the city.
The hand-painted boats are lovingly cared for by their owners and are a source of great pride. As your experienced gondolier maneuvers along the canals, you'll be utilizing a mean of transportation that dates back to the 16th century and was created for these waterways. Your trip will pass between stone buildings that seem to rise out of the water and leave a colorful reflection of light dancing on the ripples below. To complete the setting, a singer and accordionist (one duo for every five/six gondolas) will accompany you. Your return motor launch transfer will pass by the beautiful sights of the city en route to the ship.

Venice, Italy
Sample Sightseeing Tours
Murano Glass & Burano Lace
Escape the frantic pace of Venice with a tour to two of the Venetian Lagoon's most enchanting islands. You will pass through the Venetian lagoon on a motor launch cruise to the islands of Murano and Burano. You will visit a glass factory on the island of Murano, home to a centuries-old tradition of glass making. Once an exclusive product of Venice, glass production moved to Murano in 1291 when furnaces were banned from the city for fire prevention. The artisans have developed a unique style and world-famous reputation for producing blown glass. Your guide will lead you on a visit to one of the factories, where you will have the opportunity to observe the Maestri at work during a glass blowing demonstration. Of course, there will be an opportunity to browse through the enticing display rooms where items may also be purchased.

Venice, Italy
Sample Sightseeing Tours
Secret Venice Walking Tour

Depart ship for Piazzale Roma to meet guide & begin walking tour. Proceed to Campo San Rocco. Proceed thru streets & squares to find Grand Canal with view of Rialto Bridge. After crossing bridge, arrive at Campo San Bartolomeo. Next comes Campo San Giovanni and Paolo for a refreshment stop. After refreshments, continue thru streets, courtyards & squares to "Riva degli Schiavoni" where tour ends by Church of the Pieta. Launch for return to ship.

Venice, Italy
Sample Sightseeing Tours
St. Mark's Basilica After Hours

Departing with escorts from the ship by large motor launch, glide along the Giudecca Canal en route to St. Mark's Square. On arrival, your guide will escort you to the Basilica and share with you its history.
Saint Mark is the patron saint of Venice and the large Byzantine Basilica, which contains his remains, is one of the most popular and visited sites in the city. Crowded with visitors during the day, it becomes a silent temple of worship as the evening falls. The basilica originally served as a Mausoleum and private Chapel until the Doges built a new church completely oriental in aspect, modeled on two basilicas in Istanbul - the Churches of the Holy Apostles (now destroyed) and St. Sophia. It is particularly rich in mosaics, covering 10,764 square feet of its interior with many of them dating back to Byzantium. St Mark's Basilica houses extraordinary treasures, the finest being the large gold "Pala d'Oro," encrusted with more than one thousand jewels and Byzantine enamels.
At the end of the visit, a large motor launch will be available to take you back to the ship via the same route along the Giudecca Canal.

Venice, Italy
Sample Food/Cuisine Tours
Venice Giro di Bacari
A "bacaro" is a typical Venetian bar simply furnished with wooden tables and benches. It is a typical expression of the town, where you go for the pleasure of meeting there, away from the house and the cares of the day. A bacaro is a relaxing place to enjoy yourself and have an amusing gossip with a friend. In these venues, snacking is almost a way of life. The bacaro serves "cicheti," (similar to the Spanish Tapas) such as small portions of sarde in saor (marinated sardines), baccala mantecato (creamy dried cod), folpeti (baby octopus); mezo vovo (hard-boiled egg with an anchovy), meat or fish balls, fried fish and vegetables and more... All is accompanied by a glass of white or red wine or a bier.

Your Venetian guide will meet you at pier for a short motor launch transfer into the heart Venice, where you will begin your tasty adventure through well-known districts of Venice frequented by Venetians. The tour ends in the city center where you are then responsible for your return to the ship. The guide can show you where the shuttle station is located.

Venice, Italy
Sample Sightseeing Tours
Venice Panorama
This excursion by motor-launch into the heart of Venice has been designed for those guests who wish to admire the most picturesque sides of this cosmopolitan city without a lot of walking.

Departing by motor-launch, glide along the broad Giudecca Canal to Saint George's Island and will proceed across the southern lagoon coasting past the beautiful islands of San Servolo and San Lazzaro, famous for its ancient Armenian Monastery. Continue along a part of the Lido, a long strip of land dividing the Lagoon of Venice from the Adriatic Sea. Enter the canal that separates two islands which are very important to the people of Venice: Le Vignole, a favorite place for leisurely Sunday picnics, and Sant Erasmo, where fruits and vegetables are grown.

Next, see the island of Murano, renowned for its glass manufacturing. Cruising back towards Venice, see the Arsenale, a vast walled dockyard in eastern Venice, which was once the most efficient industrial complex in Europe during the Serenissima Republic. Your panoramic tour will also pass by the ancient church of San Pietro di Castello, the city's cathedral until the beginning of the 19th century.

Venice, Italy
Sample Sightseeing Tours
Masterpieces Of Venice

With a walking tour of Carmini, Campo Santa Margherita and San Rocco, you will be able to explore two of the most important and finest Great Schools of Venice, and walk around in some of the most picturesque areas of Venice. After a short cruise by motorboat, you will get off at the Zattere, the long quayside along the Giudecca Canal. A short pleasant walk will take you to the Carmini area. Briefly visit the church of the Carmini before entering the Scuola Grande dei Carmini. The Scuola Grande dei Carmini: the headquarters of the Carmelite confraternity was built beside their church in 1663. In the 1740s Giambattista Tiepolo was commissioned to decorate the ceiling of the salone (hall) on the upper floor. These nine ceiling paintings so impressed the Carmelites that he was made an honorary member of their brotherhood. The building also houses an impressive number of other works from the 17th and 18th centuries. After the visit you will have some free time to enjoy a coffee or cappuccino in the nearby Campo (square) Santa Margherita, one of the most lively squares of Venice. Independent shopping opportunities are also available.

Your tour will continue to the Frari (Friars) Church, where you will step in the beautiful Cathedral to admire the famous painting by Tiziano, The Assumption, before visiting the Scuola Grande of San Rocco. Founded in honor of St. Roch, it is the largest and grandest "Scuola", established by workers of the textile industry (tintori) and dedicated to assist members' victim of the plague. Its construction began in 1515 under Bartolomeo Bon and its premises house one of the most dramatic pictorial cycles of all times, painted by Jacopo Tintoretto, but also masterpieces by Tiepolo, Titian, and Giorgione. A short walk will take you to Piazzale Roma where you will board the motorboat for the transfer back to port.

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