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Taolagnaro, Madagascar Cruise Port

Taolagnaro, which is also commonly known as Fort Dauphin is a remote city, which is situated on the Southeastern coast of Madagascar. It was the first French settlement in the country. It has been a valuable port of the region for many years. It is deemed as a gateway to tropical paradise. The region has gained immense popularity due to foreign investment in mining titanium. It is a worthwhile and interesting travel destination because the town and the surrounding regions offer a multitude of activities that visitors will definitely enjoy. There are also many accommodation options, which is ideal for travellers. Listed below are some of the interesting and recommended activities, and features that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Taolagnaro, Madagascar:
  • Beach lovers should definitely make their way to Libanona Beach. It is the closest and most famous beach in the area. Strong winds found in the region make the beach a good place for expert windsurfers and surfers, or for intermediate surfers who want a challenge.
  • The Libanona Ecology Centre is a good place to learn about environmental management. It was developed in the 1900s and since then many people have visited the centre in a bid to learn more about the sustainability and environment of Southern Madagascar.
  • Visitors to the city will surely enjoy the views of the region. Climbing nearby Peak St. Louis is a good way to get the best view of Taolagnaro. Arriving at the summit will offer the perfect opportunity to get a panoramic view of the area.
  • Madagascar is widely known as an exotic travel destination because of its endemic flora and fauna. The Saiadi Botanic Gardens is a good place to visit in order to see and explore the lush vegetation of the region. Visitors will also get the chance to see lemurs and orchids.

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