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Porto Santo, Portugal Cruise Port

Porto Santo Island is a bustling harbor island located in the Atlantic Ocean southwest of mainland Portugal. With a population of roughly 270,000, it is the northernmost and easternmost island of the Madeira island group and archipelago. While cruise ships are required to drop anchor at sea as opposed to docking, smaller boats are always available to tender the many excited passengers ashore. The two major areas on the island are the accidented northeast, which is characterized by its mountains, cliffs, and rocky ledges and is a good place for hiking; and the coastal southwest, with a beautiful sandy beach that stretches for miles. The main town, Vila Baleira, acts as a central tourist spot while maintaining its small town feel. Along with hotels, shops, restaurants, and bars, there are local schools, gyms, churches, and emergency services. The island’s famous golf complex has a golf course, tennis courts, mini-golf, and stables for horseback riding and lessons.


  • Quinta del Palmeiras is a small botanical zoo and garden that features exotic birds and plants in an open-air, peaceful environment.
  • The Pico de Ana Ferreira is an extremely beautiful and unique rock formation running up the side of a walkable hill. The impressive patterns make for a great photo opportunity.
  • Ponta da Calheta is a peaceful walking path and beach area at the outskirts of Porto Santo. The island itself is meant for hikes or bike rides and if you travel far enough, you’ll wind up at this serene oasis.
  • For a panoramic view of the city and the amazing waters, the Pico Castelo Viewpoint has you covered. The walk up takes some effort, but once on top the view and amenities are very rewarding.

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