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Karimunjawa, Indonesia Cruise Port

The Karimunjawa Islands are actually an archipelago consisting of 27 islands in the Java Sea, Indonesia. Their total landmass is about 30 square miles and the main island is Karimun at more than 6,600 acres. The population consists of mostly Javanese people and their culture is dominant throughout the archipelago. Twenty-two of the islands have been declared a marine reserve known as the Karimunjawa National Park. The remaining five islands are either privately owned or under the control of the Indonesian Navy. Besides once being a pirate base, the islands weren’t officially inhabited until they became a penal colony in the early 17th century. However, Chinese ceramics dating back to the 13th century suggest the islands were once part of a trade route years before. When the colony was abandoned in the 19th century, the former convicts became the first settlers. Popular activities include hiking, wood carving, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving.


  • Discover coastal beauty on Karimun at the Tanjung Gelam Beach. This warm water, soft-sand paradise is an ideal place to watch sunsets and truly unwind.
  • For a great view and numerous photo ops, Karimunjawa Love Hill is a choice spot. It’s great for looking out into the abyss during the day or star gazing at night.
  • Karimunjawa Square on Karimun is a small bazaar or marketplace that offers up local culture and some of the best tasting seafood served ridiculously fresh.
  • To see the marvels of the deep, along with the most majestic creatures, book a tour on Dolphin Karimunjawa. The friendly guides take you out on the water and travel to places where playful dolphins are waiting to greet you.

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