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Fraser Island, Australia Cruise Port

Located on the extreme southeastern coast of Queensland, Fraser Island is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its outstanding cultural value and diverse range of landscape features. It’s the largest of all Queenland’s islands and is also the largest sand island in the entire world. Along the island’s west coast is an enormous stretch of beach known as 75 Mile Beach due to its immense length. Between the two narrow coasts, the island is comprised of an imposing rainforest, hundreds of freshwater lakes, sand dunes, sand cliffs, giant ferns, and numerous hiking trails—both manmade and natural. Animal life is abundant on the island as well, with over 350 species of birds, and various reptiles, some of which are quite rare. The Great Sandy Strait is a 43 mile sand estuary that separates Fraser Island from Queensland proper. Tide and time of day dictate whether the straight can be walked upon, but take the chance if you can!


  • Wander into the majestic Central Station Rainforest and experience sheer nature as you hike through the great trees, plants, water, and wildlife.
  • Among the miles of gorgeous beaches, the dynamic view at Lake McKenzie is second to none. Beside a warm, calming shore, the lake is also a prime spot for swimming.
  • Seventy-Five Mile Beach is passable in low and high tide and is an epic path creating many different mini-beaches, each with their own charms, wildlife, and flora.
  • Experience crystal clear water and a peaceful sensation at the Champagne Pools. The nearby boardwalk makes for a relaxing stroll and the water is perfect for swimming.
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