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Durres, Albania Cruise Port

When cruising to Durres, Albania, expect to see the perfect blend of rich history as well as modern city marvels. This historic city lies along the Adriatic sea painting a beautiful landscape for the backdrop to the city center. There are miles of beaches that line the coast that are perfect for relaxing and recharging. Exploring the historic portion of the city is a must on your cruise to Durres, Albania. There is a Venetian Tower that was built in the 15th century where parts of the walls still remain today. A large amphitheater, named the Durres Amphitheater, held a onetime 20,000 people and is over 3,000 years old. Ancient walls, mosques, towers and museums also tell the history of the ancient times so you can try and picture what life was like thousands of years ago. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do when cruising to Durres, Albania:
  • Visit the Durres Amphitheater, built by the Romans thousands of years ago, that used to hold around 20,000 spectators. Walk around in the stands and take in the views as the people of Durres once did.
  • View the many different monuments that are found throughout the city such as the Dutch Soldier Monument and the Albanian Resistance Monument.
  • Explore the seafront promenade that offers gardens and magnificent views into the ocean.
  • See the Macellum (Byzantine Forum) that was built in the 5th century AD where public baths surround the area.

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