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Beechey Island, Canada Cruise Port

Beechey Island is an island which is situated in Nunavet, Canada. The island is mainly known for its link with Arctic exploration. The natural landscape of the island is beautiful. It is the home of little flora and fauna mainly because of its Arctic climate. The region is not populated because of its harsh environment and as a result, it has minimal facilities for visitors. There are, however, occasional camp set ups by teams of scientists and researchers that work in the area. Patient and observant travelers can even catch a glimpse of some of the Arctic marine and the Arctic fox. Taking a cruise to Beechey Island port is recommended for adventurous travelers. It is also a good place because of its stunning scenery and important heritage and history. Below are some of the aspects that attract many visitors to the island:
  • In 1975, the Island was awarded the status of Site of Territorial Historic Significance by the Northwest Territories government of Canada. Beechey Island was awarded this title because it has been a stopping point for researchers and Arctic explorers for years.
  • At the heart of the island is the Franklin Memorial which is worth visiting. It features a collection of graves that commemorate the Arctic explorers who died during an expedition. Captain Sir John Franklin led the expedition that ended in tragedy. The memorial is a reminder of the tragedy.
  • Terror Bay is one of the most significant beauty spots on the island. The bay is long and has a tranquil environment where visitors can relax in a quiet and peaceful surrounding. The scenery from the bay is also breathtaking.
  • The Erebus beach and port is one of the highlights of the island. It is the islands main port and offers visitors a good and calm point from where they can start exploring the island. Many visitors are encouraged to visit the island due to the scenery, waters and environment.
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