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Algiers is the largest country and also the capital of the country of Algeria, and has an urban population of around 3.5 million while the metropolitan population stands at over 5 million. It’s sometimes call Algiers la Blanche because of its many white buildings which appear to sparkle when viewed at a distance from sea. Leading out from a bay within the Mediterranean Sea, the city is separated into a modern part and an old part. The old is known as the ancient city of deys and has an aged citadel and two quays atop a hill that stands over 400 feet in the air. The modern quadrant, with its numerous shops and cafes, was built at sea level and extends directly from the harbor. The modern amenities also have an air of the old world, with wide French-designed boulevards, theaters, cathedrals, museums and opera house.


  • Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma is a wonderfully extravagant botanical garden, established in the 19th century, with beautiful water features and well-maintained plant features.
  • One of the most decorative Moorish houses in the old district is Kasbah of Algiers. The grand setup has been masterfully restored so visitors can view it at its peak of perfection.
  • Musee National du Bardo is an architectural masterpiece with incredible designs of unknown origin. The museum itself blends old and new by featuring exhibits ranging from archaeology to modern art.
  • The Memorial du Martyr is a fascinating looking building that is also a classy restaurant, and an historic museum. Many visitors also enjoy the stunning view from the top.

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