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Holland America's Signature Experiences in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the unique combination of European grandeur and Latin fire. This passionate city will grab your soul and not let go. As you wander around Buenos Aires, the stunning architecture will mesmerize you. Here you will find French and Italian-style palaces, small architectural details in even the low-key neighborhoods, and colorful murals throughout the city. When you're here, Buenos Aires is whatever you want it to be. Meat lovers will want to try the juicy and flavorful steaks, art enthusiasts will feel at home in the intense art scene, and music lovers will love the nightclubs. Your Signature Experience in Buenos Aires with Holland America will introduce you to this city's vibrant and passionate culture.


River Cruise & Museum Tour

Your time in Buenos Aires begins with a relaxing river cruise along the Tigre Delta. Once you arrive in Tigre, your eyes will lock onto the Museo Arte de Tigre, a stunning building rising up from the banks along the river. Enjoy an exclusive tour of the ornate museum's amazing collection of 19th- and 20th-century Argentine paintings, followed by a passionate tango show, cocktails and three-course dinner.


Holland America's Signature Experience in Buenos Aires is free for guests in suites, or available for purchase to guests in other stateroom types.

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