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 A Viking River Cruises river cruise in Russia along the Volga River, is a prime example of the simple magnificence of this incredible vacation option. See the two most prominent cities, but see them in a special fashion as you sail through the small towns lining the Volga, learning the life and culture of the region from the inside out. Find peace in the stunning churches, revel and barter in the local markets, and maybe even learn a bit more about Russia’s drink of choice in a vodka museum. All this and more during a river cruise to Russia onboard Viking River Cruises.


Viking River Cruises - Volga River




Things to Do on a Russia Cruise with Viking River Cruises


Volga and Svir Rivers in Russia – Russia offers Viking Rivers’ cruisers a look into an exotic land with much history and rich traditions. On your Russian river cruise you can visit the Kremlin, step inside a wooden church made without nails and explore the art collection of Catherine the Great.


Viking Rivers Kremlin Moscow Russia
  • Kremlin Tour (Moscow, Russia)
    Spend a day inside the Kremlin, a magnificent complex that includes palaces, fortresses and the treasury. You’ll also go inside The Armory which houses treasures of the Tzars, including the exquisite Crown Jewels. The Kremlin is also the home of Terem Palace, the first home of Russia’s royal family, built under order of Ivan III.


Viking River Cruises Church of the Transfiguration in Kizhi, Russia
  • Wooden Architecture (Kizhi, Russia)
    Visit the Open Air Museum of Architecture to see wooden houses, windmills and churches from different eras in Russia’s history. The most remarkable of all these structures is the Preobranzhenskaya, or Transfiguration Church, built in 1714. The three-story church is so remarkable because not one nail was used in its construction.


Viking Rivers Catherine Palace St Petersburg Russia
  • Artistic Expression (St. Petersburg, Russia)
    St. Petersburg is a city filled with amazing architecture, but perhaps its most famous building, the Winter Palace, houses Russia’s greatest treasures. It is the sight of the Hermitage Museum and thousands of paintings, jewels and sculptures – many of which were collected by Catherine the Great. After a day spent enjoying this site, you’ll attend a ballet after dinner.


Dnieper River – Viking’s river cruises along Ukraine’s Dnieper River have a lot to offer, from the big cities of the north to the Black Sea resorts in the south. Span the country learning about Cossacks and visiting old museums on a Dnieper River cruise with Viking Rivers.


Viking River Cruises Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet in Ukraine
  • Odessa Catacombs (Odessa, Ukraine)
    From the abandoned sandstone mines, Ukrainians created an extensive underground tunnel system used to fight fascist invaders during WWII. The catacombs were also used for smuggling goods. The three layers of tunnels are quite the fascinating space to discover on your Viking River Cruise in Ukraine.


Viking River Cruises Fortified Cossack settlement in Ukraine
  • Cossack Culture (Zaporozhye, Ukraine)
    Spend a day delving deep in to the customs and traditions of the Cossacks. The Cossacks are a group known for their outdoor prowess that resided in Russia and the Ukraine. On this day you’ll visit the Cossack Museum of Khortitsa. Then you’ll watch a horsemanship show that also features folk music and dancing.


Viking Rivers St Michaels Chruch Kiev Ukraine
  • Highlights of Kiev (Kiev, Ukraine)
    Kiev is a city filled with exciting sights. On this tour you’ll explore St. Sophia Cathedral with its gold and green domes, and the Monastery Caves, which were a collection of churches and museums founded by monks in 1051. Amongst the museums are a collection of books and print history, a film arts museum and a microminiature museum.


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Viking River Cruises Russia Departure Ports

Learn more about the different departure ports for a Russia river cruise with Viking River Cruises. Your Viking River Cruises Russia river cruise could depart from any of the following cities:

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