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For hundreds of years, Europe has been the center of the Western world. This continent is covered with cultures, traditions and foods that have existed and evolved over centuries. While each country and city in Europe offers something different, there are two major regions to cruise to: the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. The Mediterranean consists of countries in the south of Europe like Italy, Greece and Spain. It is known for its history and incredibly delicious, yet healthy cuisine. This region is also a beautiful place to breathe in the fresh air, hit the beach and relax. Northern Europe encompasses countries with rich medieval or Norse history. Countries like Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands offer unbeatable cultural experiences and rich history. 



Things to Do on an Europe Cruise with Cunard Line


Cunard invites you to experience a wide range of activities in Europe. The cruise line, which is based in England, offers excursions to popular landmarks, but also has inviting and exclusive tours and activities. For example, you could enjoy a tour of Scotland’s lakes or a rooftop tour of Stockholm. Featured below are more of our favorite things to do when cruising to Europe with Cunard Line:


Cunard Line the old man of Storr Isle of Skye Scotland
  • Panoramic Scottish Lochs (Glasgow, Scotland)
    Get a real sense of the beauty of Scotland when you visit their splendid lochs, also known as lakes. Loch Lomond is the largest freshwater lake in Scotland. Loch Fyne, Lock Eck and Holy Loch are also beautiful lakes that you’ll visit on this excursion.


Cunard Line rooftop view of Stockholm
  • Rooftop Walking Tour (Stockholm, Sweden)
    Part adventure, part history. You’ll be harnessed up as you walk along a narrow path connecting Stockholm’s rooftops. On this tour, which starts at the Old Parliament building, you’ll take in amazing views of the city. Then, you’ll wind up back on the ground to tour the Great Square for beautiful pictures.


Cunard Line view of ancient lions on Delos
  • Delos, Birthplace of Apollo (Mykonos, Greece)
    Delos is a short ferry ride from Mykonos. Here you’ll tour through ruins of temples, a stadium and statues. You’ll learn about the myth that Delos was revealed to Leto, a mistress of Zeus, as the place to birth her twins, Apollo and Artemis.


Cunard Line Normandy picturesque old house
  • A Taste of Normandy (Le Havre, France)
    Normandy is home to the Distillerie Busnel and Anne which produces Calvados, Pommeau and cider. You’ll learn about the production and sample the drinks as you snack on local cheese (Camembert, Pont Leveque and Livarot), bread and butter.


Cunard Line beautiful famous blue lagoon in Iceland
  • Bathing in the Blue Lagoon (Reykjavik, Iceland)
    Enjoy the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon, a natural geothermal spa that lies in the shadows of Iceland’s volcanoes. After your time in the warm water, you will ride through the center of Reykjavik and learn about the history and culture of this land.


Cunard Line glass blower forming beautiful piece of glass Murano Venice Italy
  • Murano Glass & Burano (Venice, Italy)
    Murano has been known as a center for beautiful glass work artisanship for centuries. On your visit you can tour the Murano Glass Factory to see how the glass is made. Then you’ll head to Burano where you’ll see brightly painted houses along the canals. You can also tour a lace gallery, as Burano was known for its lace making.


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Learn more about each of the possible departure ports for a Europe cruise with Cunard Line. Your Cunard Line Europe cruise could depart from any of the following cities:

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