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From combing the coast to exploring the vibrant ecosystem beneath the clear blue waters, a cruise to Hawaii and the South Pacific will awaken your spirit and clear your mind, filling you with tranquility and joy. Take in the looming grandeur of a visit to the top of a mountain, or in Hawaii’s case, a volcano. Feast upon some roasted pig and a guava salsa during a Hawaiian luau one day, and spend the next parasailing the stupendous waters of the Pacific. Each day will melt into the next in a melting pot of sweet, sweet serenity when you cruise to Hawaii and the South Pacific with Crystal Cruises.


Things to Do on a South Pacific & Tahiti Cruise with Crystal Cruises


The islands of the South Pacific are filled with natural wonders, all ripe for exploring with Crystal Cruises. Take for instance the Houma Blowholes and the Rarotonga Rainforest, along with Terevaka Mountain, the highest point on Easter Island.


Crystal Cruises Ahu Tahai ruins on Easter Island
  • Easter Island Sights & Orongo Village (Easter Island, Chile)
    Experience the village of Hanga Roa, the capital of Easter Island and home to the historical ruins known as the Ahu Tahai. Easter Island is also home to the Orongo stone village, a ceremonial site for the Birdman cult and a natural rock and symbol of the creator and god Makemake.


Crystal Cruises hiking Easter Island in the South Pacific
  • Terevaka Mountain Trek (Easter Island, Chile)
    Reach the highest point of Easter Island with a hike up the Terevaka Mountains. Discover the green vegetation and crisp blue waters of the island after conquering this mountain.


Crystal Cruises tourists observing Houma Blowholes
  • Houma Blowholes & Liku’alofa Beach (Nuku'Alofa, Tonga)
    Visit the Houma Blowholes where water will shoot practically 60 feet in the air before heading to Liku’alofa Beach. The local dancers and village choir will be sure to entertain as you enjoy fruity refreshments.


Crystal Cruises Polynesian dance group in Cook Islands
  • Rarotonga Island Nature Walk (Rarotonga, Cook Islands)
    Walk with a host for an educational stroll through the ancient Cook Islands, located on Rarotonga Island. Learn about how Polynesian descendants lived, and see the sights that are of historical significance to the people of the island


Crystal Cruises forest canopy Rarotonga Cook Islands
  • Takitumu Rainforest Hike (Rarotonga, Cook Islands)
    The Rarotonga Rainforest is home to much wildlife and vegetation, including the native bird called the Kakerori. Travel by foot through the beautiful reserve, made by the locals for protection of their native bird.


Crystal Cruises Cape of Saipan Mariana Islands
  • Memories of the Battle of Saipan (Saipan, Mariana Islands)
    Fought in the summer of 1944, the Battle of Saipan was significant during World War II. Explore the battle site and island with a trip to the Bansai Cliff and Bird Island lookout, where the seabirds interact in their natural habitat


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Crystal Ocean Cruises South Pacific / Tahiti Departure Ports

Learn more about each of the possible departure ports for a South Pacific and Tahiti cruise with Crystal Cruises. Your luxurious Crystal Cruises South Pacific and Tahiti cruise could depart from any of the following cities:

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