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Atlas Ocean Voyages Arctic Cruises

Sail into the Arctic Circle with Atlas Ocean Voyages! While visiting some of the most remote ports in the world, you’ll be cruising in the lap of luxury on one of Atlas’ intimate and upscale ships. While onboard, you’ll become a member of the exclusive Order of the Blue Nose, crossing into the Artic Circle and exploring the area of the world known as the North Pole. Every Atlas Ocean Voyage includes onboard experts, hosting seminars and small groups where you’ll dive deeper into the destinations you are visiting. Whether you’re zipping through icy waters off Svalbard in a Zodiac in search of the perfect picture of an expansive glacier or marveling at the wonder of the many Norwegian fjords, an Atlas Ocean Voyages Arctic cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the wonder of the untouched region. For more information about adventuring in the Arctic with Atlas Ocean Voyages, call our experts at 1-800-377-9383!


The activities in the Artic with Atlas Ocean Voyages are never-ending and more importantly, all-inclusive! From destination expert speakers, giving interactive presentations on the region’s most interesting wildlife, like polar bears and artic foxes, to exciting epicurean experiences, you’ll never be bored while onboard! And ashore, there’s even more! Continue below to learn about our favorite experiences on an Arctic cruise with Atlas Ocean Voyages:


Atlas Ocean Voyages Arctic Cruise Highlights


A zodiac sailing by an Atlas ship in the Arctic

Expert-led Zodiac Landings

No expedition into the Arctic would be complete if you didn’t hop into a Zodiac and make landing on the slick landscape. In ports like Svalbard, a Zodiac safari is a guest favorite for some up-close photo ops with glaciers, maybe with a puffin or polar bear in the background! While cruising on the Zodiac, keep your eyes peeled for whale fins poking out from the water!


A polar bear drinking from the Arctic waters

Weird and Wonderful Wildlife

The Arctic is cold, the wildlife there is cool! When cruising the Artic with Atlas Ocean Voyages, you might get lucky enough for a Zodiac landing in Greenland National Park, home to polar bears, caribou, and, straight from your favorite fantasy novel, narwhals! Yes – they’re real! You’ll have to see it to believe it.


Atlas Ocean Voyages guests in the Arctic in matching parkas

Fresh ‘fit for Arctic Hikes

The temperatures in the Arctic can be below freezing, but Atlas has you covered! Every Polar voyage with Atlas Ocean Voyages includes your very own parka and vest, designed to keep you warm and cozy while you’re out exploring. As for shoes, every guest enjoys the use of their very own knee high boots, with some extra traction for an icy glacier hike.


Northern Lights in Tromso, Norway

Excursions for All

An Artic Ocean Voyages cruise to the Arctic has excursions for everyone! Each cruise includes a free polar plunge for those brave enough to swim in the Arctic Ocean! The previously mentioned Zodiac cruises are a guest favorite, but some may enjoy the tranquility of an evening hike for the world’s best view of the Northern Lights.



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