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The longest river in the world, the Nile, just has to be on your longest list – your bucket list! With AmaWaterways, a Nile River cruise in Egypt is a surreal experience, where guests explore the wonders of the ancient world before stepping back on to one of the most modern, luxurious ships in the world. Sail along the Nile, gazing on the iconic landmarks of ancient Egypt, all while enjoying the luxury of an AmaWaterways river cruise. For more information about Nile River cruises and AmaWaterways Nile River cruises, call our experts at 1-800-377-9383!


But don’t fret! The Nile isn’t the only river in Africa you can cruise with AmaWaterways! For information on the most luxurious safari river cruises along the Chobe River, exploring Botswana, Zimbabwe and more, check out this page about Chobe River & Safari cruises!

Chobe River & Safari Cruises



A river as long as the Nile is full of things to do on the banks! In the ancient world, this waterway symbolized life, providing sustenance to the locals and in today’s world, monuments like the Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings symbolize their legacy. When cruising the Nile River in Africa with AmaWaterways, every highlights of the ancient world is within reach, whether it’s a camel ride by the foot of the Great Pyramid or a peek into the empty tomb of King Tut or even a stroll through Cairo’s famed street markets. And remember, while you journey through the Valley of the Kings, you’ll be living like royalty onboard on of AmaWaterways’ luxurious Nile River cruise ships. Keep reading to learn about some of the most exciting experiences on a Nile River cruise with AmaWaterways:


AmaWaterways Nile River Cruise Excursions


The Sphinx of Giza

1 Sphinx, 2 Sphinx

What’s better than one iconic landmark? How about 2? On an AmaWaterways river cruise along the Nile, guests are treated to the chance to the see both the well-known Great Sphinx but also the Alabaster Sphinx, one of the only treasures to survive the raiding of the ancient capitol of Memphis.


King Tuts' Sarcophagus

Treasures of King Tut

Everyone knows King Tut, but not everyone has the chance to cruise the Nile with AmaWaterways with exclusive access to the Egyptian Museum, home to the display of the child Kings’ most priceless remnants.


Valley of the Queens in Luxor

Valley of the Queens

For a surge of girl-boss energy, visit the Valley of the Queens in Luxor, but more specifically, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the first female ruler of ancient Egypt, and one of the most instrumental figures in the reign of the Egyptian empire.


Hieroglyphs on the Philae Temple

Learn A New Language

Everywhere in Egypt you’ll see hieroglyphs, but make sure you visit the Philae Temple with AmaWaterways to truly dive into the ancient language. Here, you’ll find some of the most well-preserved examples of the ancient writing, dating to nearly 2,500 years ago.



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AmaWaterways Africa Departure Ports

While your cruise will begin with a couple of days of exploration in Cairo, your AmaWaterways Nile River cruise may depart from any of the cities below:

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