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Germany River Cruises - Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises has created spectacular itineraries on the Elbe River, sailing through the diverse landscapes of Germany. You'll start in Berlin, where yo'll get acquainted with the friendly citizens and rich cultures of Germany. Museums are around seemingly located around every corner, and there's even a Museum Island!

Before boarding your Viking river ship, which will serve as your theater, restaurant and hotel, you might also stop in Potsdam, host city for the post-WWII Potsdam Conference. The city and surrounding regions were popular with German and Prussian royalty, so you'll also be treated to an abundance of beautiful palaces and gardens.

Since the Elbe was such an important river, there are several important cities that line its shores. For instance, the events that happened in Wittenberg have changed many lives. You might have to recall your high school history class, but this was where Martin Luther started the protestant reformation, and his impact is still celebrated to this day.

Viking River Cruises' Elbe River voyages offer more than just man-made marvels and human history. For example, the Saxon Switzerland region shows off something that no man could ever make, the towering sandstone rock formations overlooking the Elbe and your Viking river cruise ship. Continue below for a taste of the memorable experiences available on a Viking River Cruise to Germany:

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Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam
  • Tour the palaces of Potsdam - the Sanssouci Palace and New Chambers are especially remarkable - to learn more about the storied past and royal history of Germany and the surrounding regions.
  • Wittenberg, Germany offers an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther at the St. Marien Church, Luther House and Castle Church where you'll learn more about his impact on modern religion.
Dresden Castle in Germany
  • Stroll the serene landscaped grounds and ornate gardens of Worlitz Park before making your way inside to tour the Worlitz Castle - both located in Wittenberg. Be prepared for exquisite artwork and ornate decor.
  • See the impressive crown jewels of the Saxon monarchs, securely located within the Green Vault of the Dresden Castle complex. Plus, the Dresden Castle itself is a jewel in its own regard.
Saxon Switzerland Rock Formations
  • Take a break from the palaces and museums for a day to stare in awe at the incredible rock formations of the Saxon Switzerland region cut by the Elbe River.
  • Visit Dresden, Germany and see the city's most impressive sites, such as the Cathedral of Our Lady, Semper Opera House and Zwinger Palace - many of which have been restored after damage taken during WWII.


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