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Princess Cruises' Ocean Medallion FAQ

Use the following collection of Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Princess Cruises' Ocean Medallion enhancements. If you still have questions, please feel free to call The Cruise Web's experts at 1-800-377-9383 to learn more.


What is Ocean Medallion?

Ocean Medallion is a wearable technology that integrates seamlessly with the ship and onboard staff to provide a more personalized, convenient cruise vacation experience. Enjoy on-demand shopping, interactive games, easy ship navigation, faster boarding and much more!


How does the Ocean Medallion technology work?

You'll build a unique profile that is connected to your Medallion, the portal through which your digital identity communicates with the thousands of sensors found throughout the ship. Your personal profile is encrypted and no secure information is physically stored within the Medallion. The Medallion itself has no menu, no on/off button and requires no charging - simply carry it with you and the onboard sensors will take care of the rest! Plus, your Medallion allows the crew to see information that they can use to better serve you.


How much does Ocean Medallion cost?

The exclusive Ocean Medallion experience is included in your cruise fare. Prior to your cruise, you'll receive your physical Medallion in the mail - shipped at no cost to you - so that you can start customizing your profile. Optional Medallion accessories are available for purchase, but not required.


Can I customize my physical Medallion?

Your Medallion will be etched with your full name and ship name, as well as your cruise departure and return dates. At the time of this FAQ's creation, Medallions are only available in blue, but Princess has hinted that more colors may be available in the future. Beyond this, you are invited to purchase accessories and carrying devices to make your Ocean Medallion experience even more personal!


How do I carry my Medallion?

You can keep your Medallion in your pocket or purse, or wear it with one of the available accessories, including a wristband, necklace, lanyard or clip.


What's the first step after booking a Medallion Class cruise?

After booking, you'll receive communication from Princess Cruises prompting you to complete your Ocean Readyâ„¢ process. At this point you'll follow the easy step-by-step instructions to build your profile, with the assistance of Princess Cruises' Ocean Concierge available at a moment's notice should you require any additional help. If you're sailing on an Ocean Medallion ship, you'll discover during this process that the traditional Cruise Personalizer has been replaced with the new Ocean Compass.


What is Ocean Readyâ„¢?

The Ocean Ready process is where you choose your personal preferences, customize your profile and prepare for embarkation. Completing your Ocean Ready steps helps you board faster and enjoy the richest Ocean Medallion experience.


How do I create my Ocean Profile?

You'll be able to create an account on or through Princess' Cruise Personalizer to access your Ocean Compass, which will serve as your guide throughout the Ocean Medallion journey.


What is Ocean Compass?

Ocean Compass is a digital portal that you can think of as both your cruise planner and concierge - one that you can access anywhere throughout the ship via touchscreens and your mobile device. Using your personal digital profile, Ocean Compass keeps you informed about upcoming events, shares daily weather, provides suggestions for shore excursions, offers easy-to-follow ship navigation and more. NOTE: You do NOT need a smart mobile device to access Ocean Compass.


How does Ocean Compass use the information in my profile?

Ocean Compass will recommend experiences and activities tailored for you based on preferences included in your profile. Based on your response to these invitations and notifications, Ocean Compass will adjust as it learns more about your preferences to continually provide the most personalized, relevant cruise experience.


When and how do I receive my Medallion?

Your Medallion will be shipped free of charge to the address saved to your personal Ocean Ready profile. If your Medallion doesn't arrive prior to your sail date, please call Princess Cruises. For last minute bookings, you may need to pick up your Medallion at the terminal during check-in.


Do I need to print my boarding pass for cruise on a Medallion Class ship?

No, you only need your Medallion. If you forget your Medallion (or never received one), please see one of the crew members for assistance during boarding.


Do I need any additional travel documents?

It depends on your destination, so check with your cruise consultant or refer to Ocean Compass for additional help.


Which cruise lines feature Ocean Medallion?

Ocean Medallion is available exclusively for Princess Cruises.


Is Ocean Medallion available on every ship in Princess Cruises' fleet?

No, Ocean Medallion is currently only available on Medallion Class ships, which began with the Regal Princess in November 2017. The rest of the fleet is being outfitted with the sensors and portals necessary to accommodate Ocean Medallion. Please contact your cruise consultant at 1-800-377-9383 for a complete list of available Medallion Class cruises.


Will my Medallion work on multiple cruises?

Only if you are going on consecutive Medallion Class cruises without any breaks in between. If there is any non-cruising time in between each itinerary, or if any of the consecutive cruises is not a Medallion Class cruise, then you will receive new Medallions for each of the Medallion Class voyages. Remember, the Medallions are free with your reservation!


Can I use Ocean Compass on non-Medallion Class ships?

As a Princess Cruises guest, you will always have access to your Ocean Compass profile. However, Ocean Medallion and Compass only work to enhance your experience on Medallion Class ships that feature the technology required to communicate with your Medallion chip.


Does Ocean Medallion include any entertainment or games?

Yes, with Ocean Medallion you can interact with your Tagalongâ„¢ digital companion, view live onboard shows, read media tailored to your specific preferences or play interactive games with fellow guests, including casino games!


What is a Tagalongâ„¢?

With Ocean Medallion, you can create a personalized digital Tagalong to serve as your animated companion throughout your Ocean Medallion voyage. You'll be able to see your Tagalong throughout the ship at various portals and interactive stations.


How do I view photos from my Ocean Medallion cruise?

Use Ocean Compass to explore Ocean Memoriesâ„¢, which contains an easy-to-navigate collection of your memorable cruise moments. Ocean Memoriesâ„¢ is accessible both during and after your cruise.


How do I pay for things on board?

Ocean Medallion is linked to your profile, which includes your encrypted payment information. You can purchase meals, drinks, excursions, spa treatments and more from anywhere onboard with your Ocean Medallion.


If I purchase something from my Medallion, where and how do I receive it?

With Ocean Medallion's Here & Nowâ„¢ feature, you can order select food, drinks and gifts from anywhere onboard, and your device's built-in navigation function will guide the crew to your current location to deliver your purchased item(s) in person. You can even place orders to be delivered to your future location - so if you're planning to meet up with friends at the pool, you could pre-purchase a cocktail to meet you there.


What if I lose my Medallion? How do I get a replacement Medallion?

If a guest notifies the crew of a lost Medallion device, it will be disabled and replaced at no cost. For security of purchase transactions, each Medallion device is associated with a guest profile that contains their onboard security photo. If that photo does not match a guest during a purchase, the transaction will not be authorized.


Can someone else use my Medallion to charge onboard purchases to my account?

Your physical Medallion does not store any personal information; instead, it serves as the portal to your encrypted digital profile, which contains your onboard security photo. If the profile photo does not match the guest using the device, then onboard purchases will not be approved.


How does Ocean Medallion protect my privacy?

The information entered into your personal profile is encrypted, and nothing is physically stored on your Medallion device. Princess Cruises has used highly advanced software security models, tools and methods to make Ocean Medallion as safe as it is convenient. That being said, you are welcome to adjust your privacy settings and opt-out of specific Ocean Medallion features.


Is using Ocean Medallion or Ocean Compass mandatory?

You are required to carry a Medallion while onboard because it serves as your room key, but it's entirely up to you how much or how little you want to take advantage of its additional benefits. While using the Medallion is not mandatory, we highly recommend taking advantage of both Ocean Medallion and Compass to enjoy the best Princess Cruises vacation experience. Keep in mind, you can customize your privacy and notification settings to use only the features you desire.


Can I turn off or deactivate my Medallion?

No, but you can adjust your privacy settings and select the "Safety Only" mode. You must carry a Medallion while onboard any Medallion Class cruise, but it's up to you how many or how few of the Ocean Medallion enhancements you'd like to enjoy.


Who can I contact with additional questions about my Ocean Medallion cruise?

Feel free to contact your personal cruise consultant at 1-800-377-9383.



NOTE: Ocean Medallion is available on select ships and departure dates; call to confirm availability.

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