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St Pierre et Miquelon Cruise Port

Within the North Atlantic Ocean and at the entrance of Fortune Bay is the French overseas collective and cruise port called Saint Pierre and Miquelon (also St-Pierre and Miquelon or St-Pierre et Miquelon). Just south of the Canadian province of Newfoundland, the main sections of this eight-island archipelago are quite different; while Miquelon (which contains the island of Langlade) is larger, Saint Pierre is where most of the human action is. The islands on the whole have depended on fishing for their economy, as their size and cooler climate haven't been favorable in facilitating other endeavors, such as farming. However, Miquelon-Langlade draws tourists looking for seabirds, seals, and a summer cottage, while Saint Pierre and its distinct French flavor is a draw for anyone who seeks a charming cultural vacation full of warm people. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to St Pierre et Miquelon:
  • On Miquelon­Langlade,look for the Grand Barachois lagoon for a riot of marine animals. What few people live here are mostly in the village of Miquelon at the island's northern tip. Find the walking trail in nearby l'Étang de Mirande, which will take you to a scenic lookout and waterfall.
  • Saint Pierre has several fascinating museums covering island history; one of the best is L'Arche Museum. Here you'll learn about how the island fared during Prohibition times and about its infamous guillotine – which was the only one in North America to put someone to death, and only used once (in 1889).
  • Visitors should head toward the Saint-Pierre harbor to see the Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse. While the lighthouse itself isn't open for the public, there's a jetty where tourists can take photos. There's also a cannon here that was used during the Crimean War.
  • One of the other islands within the archipelago is the charming Île aux Marins. The main draw here is the historic and abandoned fishing village; take a guided tour to get the most out of it, especially if you don't speak French; while the tour is English and French, most of the signs are only in French.

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