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Skopelos Island, Greece Cruise Port

For many years, the cruise port of Skopelos, Greece was a hidden treasure. However, when this idyllic island was chosen as a location for the 2008 film Mamma Mia!, it burst onto the map and has since become a popular destination for travelers. You’ll love exploring this island which is filled to the brim with history, culture, and cuisine! Stroll around the picturesque town enjoying the postcard worthy scenery, then enjoy some of the amazing food Greece is famous for. You can visit one of the numerous beaches, all with white sand and crystal blue water. The architecture will delight you with the traditional Greek white-washed houses. Continue below for more of our recommendations of things to see and do in the cruise port of Skopelos, Greece:
  • Eat: You’re in Greece, you must try the food! Like the rest of Greece, Skopelos is known for its olives and cheese. Enjoy a delicious cheese pie, which is not actually a pie but a deep fried spiral of cheese stuffed dough, while sitting at a waterfront café overlooking the glistening sea.
  • Visit the Church of Agios Loannis Kastri: This church has become well known because several wedding scenes of Mamma Mia! were filmed here. This small church sits on top of a large rock, so it’s worth making the trek to the top to capture those gorgeous photographs.
  • Folklore Museum: In this museum you will find artifacts highlighting the rich history and culture of Skopelos. The collections include embroidery, paintings, ceramics, photographs, traditional costumes, tools, woodcrafts, and more, all created and donated by residents.

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