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Pomene, Mozambique Cruise Port

Pomene Bay is a docking area in Mozambique South adjacent to the glorious coastal landmass known as the Pomene National Reserve. While cruise ships just started calling here in 2018, this tiny, protected peninsula contains a calming lagoon, sandy walkways, and an intricate mangrove estuary. The environment is preserved due to a minimal population and its remote location. While visitors are encouraged to come and soak in the beauty of the pristine atmosphere, the locals and few resorts work together to show off the peninsula while maintaining its purity. Tourists are asked to respect the land as if it were their own, to fish only what they plan to eat, and to leave nothing but their footprints behind. The tropical waters are warm, clear, and inviting to swimmers and divers alike. The bare, white coastlines are a pleasure to walk up and down, giving you a clear picture of where you’re going and where you’ve been.


  • The Pomene Lodge is located less than a minute from the beach and it offers shade, swimming, and serenity. Visitors adore watching pretty sunsets from the lodge’s shore.
  • If you’re looking for intimate casas along the water, Pomene Ridge offers four self-catering units on an isolated stretch beside sandy beaches to go on for miles.
  • Bird and wildlife enthusiasts appreciate the native flamingo population that travel together in large groups and turn the sky a beautiful pink when they all fly together.
  • Since the beaches are long and free from debris, a few companies offer horseback riding tours along the coastline. While walking is invigorating, nothing truly compares to feeling the cool winds in your hair while riding a majestic beast.

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