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My Tho, Vietnam Cruise Port

Located in Mekong Delta region, you'll find the capital city and cruise port of M? Tho, Vietnam. Also South Vietnam and the Ti?n Giang Province's center of economics, education, and technology, M? Tho's 220,000 residents are a mix of Kinh, Chinese, Cham, and Khmer people. Founded in the 1680s by Chinese refugees, it was eventually annexed to Vietnam in the 18th century. Today this is a popular city with tourists, especially those who love to eat: One of its most famous dishes is a noodle soup called h? ti?u M? Tho. Along with enjoying soup, you can visit the area's floating markets, where you can enjoy buying local produce right on the river; there's also the more stationary market called Trung Trac on the waterfront, should you prefer to stay on land while purchasing goods. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to M? Tho, Vietnam:
  • One of the best known temples here is the Buddhist Vinh Trang Temple. Built in the mid-19th century, it required subsequent renovations because of disuse and bad weather. Between its statues and garden area, it's a lovely place for peace and contemplation. You can also make a donation toward the area's needy children, some of whom have found a home here.
  • Not far from the temple, you'll find one of the city's most unique attractions: the Dong Tam Snake Farm, where venom is produced for medicinal use. Along with the multiple species of snakes, the farm also has other animals such as ostriches, yellow tortoises, tigers, and crocodiles.
  • If you've ever dreamed of working in a candy factory, here's your chance – although on a slightly smaller scale. After watching the locals create the sweet treat, you can enjoy a sample which will no doubt leave you wanting more. Fortunately, you can buy the finished product.
  • Nearby Unicorn Island (one of the four islands between M? Tho and B?n Tre) gives you a chance to visit a bee farm. Here you can watch the beekeepers do their thing, and then enjoy some fresh honey in your tea.

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