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Kolkata, India Cruise Port

Just like many life-changing experiences sought after in popular destination sites around the world, the cruise port of Kolkata, India is sure to broaden your understanding of different cultures and traditions. Formerly known as the capital of British India, the port city of Kolkata is currently the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal with a population of about 91 million. The crumbling ruins of British colonial architecture and dynamic new-town suburbs, together with religious temples, artistic communities and several lively festivals contribute to keeping this city alive. It is almost impossible to forget the vibrancy in the cruise port of Kolkata, India as you strive to see the shocks and charms of this business, commercial and financial hub of Eastern India.
Make your journey worthwhile with endless memories of a city with a soul as you plan to visit the following places of enlightenment:
  • A pilgrimage to Belur Math Shrine is one of surreality, tranquility and true introspection for those seeking spiritual enlightenment in accordance with Eastern religions. The temple is said to stand as a symbol of unity for all religions, based on the teachings of Ramkrishna Paramhans which sparked the Ramakrishna Movement. It is also one of the most significant institutions in the cruise port of Kolkata and truly at the heart of many locals.
  • Standing as a crown and glory of former colonial rule and a memorial in honor of Queen Victoria of the British Monarchy, the Victoria Memorial Hall is one of grand architectural spectacle. Now a museum and tourist destination, this monument is filled with paintings, statues, documents and maps of the British era. It is considered the most iconic landmark of British India that was certainly built to impress.
  • Do a walking tour of Kolkata with experienced tour guides for a much better understanding of the city’s history, and fall in love with the hidden beauty in the cracks. Explore the sights, sounds smells and tastes of this beautifully unpolished gem. Some consider this a spiritual walk, while others value it purely for the educational enlightenment of the heritage of Kolkatans.
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