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Bahrain, Bahrain Cruise Port

The Bahrain Island is also popularly known as al-Awal Island. It was formerly referred to as Bahrein. It is the biggest island in the Bahrain archipelago and is popular among travelers. Bahrain has been an immensely important commercial crossroads of the Gulf. It has been a major trade center that has helped link the west and the east. In Arabic, the word Bahrain means two seas. The meaning shows how the geographical position of Bahrain as a collection of islands has been important throughout the history of the country. Bahrain Island occupies a large fraction of the land mass of Bahrain and hosts the majority of the population. The Gulf of Bahrain which is an inlet of the Persian Gulf surrounds most of the island. Below are some of the factors that make taking a cruise to Bahrain Island port ideal:
  • Bahrain Island is a good holiday destination. Manama which is located on the northern tip of the island is a good place that tourists can visit which offers the chance to learn about a different culture and at the same time have a good time.
  • The island presents visitors with a wide variety of fun and interesting things to do. The sea offers a person the chance to fish, dolphin watch, kite surf and scuba dive. Visitors can engage in these activities as they awe at the beautiful scenery.
  • Bahrain has a multi-cultural hub. The society and community is accommodating to outsiders and visitors which makes Bahrain an ideal tourist destination due to the hospitality of the local people. Their hospitality makes it easy to interact and socialize with the locals.
  • The natural landscape and the terrain contribute to the reason why the island is popular among tourists. The Island is low-lying and it has a barren desert. Moreover, the sea bed next to the island is rocky and is covered by coral reefs.
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